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I too am very frustrated with Grand Canyon. It seems that they do everything possible to put errors in your financial area. I have been attending GCU for three years now, I have only moved once, yet they never can get my information correct. They love to add fees to your account. I have to call them once a week for one thing and yell until they do something about it. My husband, they sent the wrong amount to us. He had just spoken to them, they said everything was fine, it was not. They did not call, email or send a letter telling us they had sent the wrong amount. Then they credited his account, seven times with an award he has never had before, took away his military, sent the extra money back, put the military award back on, said he had to pay, over two thousand dollars. We finally after months of fighting and they lying to us, did an account audit, that did not work either. They never took off the seven award errors, brought in balances we have no idea are, and send he his stipen, and told him, OK we fixed it, you owe us two thousand dollars. You can pay that right now. Don't go here. I have to threaten a lawyer to get them to call me back. You don't want this. Now, that we all have this balance, we can't transfer or get our records. Though its their fault, but we have to pay, which we are not. After three years worth of work, 1800. per class that teachers you nothing, but you write a term paper every week. It's not worth coming here. We are talking to a lawyer, possible class action against them for the troubles, heartaches, and general the extra tears we have gone through, plus the phones we have thrown across the room. Now, they are charging 100 for old students and 400 for new students a fee for the new classroom. Beware, also class prices went up too... DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL, IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU

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      Sep 20, 2011

    I wish I had known this before and my first class started Aug 8, 2011 and i have not got any notice except a bill statement of over 2, 000 and my aid has been approved. What are they waiting on i can not answer that and they cant either.

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      Oct 05, 2011

    Agreed! I have four classes to go but they can get screwed, I will leave and attend elsewhere even if it takes me longer. The finance department tells you different things every few weeks. What a horrible joke of a school.

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