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Granada Television (ITV) / &Living With Michael Jackson& documentary by Martin Bashir

1 United States

I am asking the board to review the following two documentaries. The first is a documentary that was compiled by Martin Bashir while he worked at Granada Television between [protected]. It is called: "Living With Michael Jackson" by Martin Bashir. It first aired on Granada television in the Uk on 2/3/03, and, then, on ABC, in U.S. on2/6/03. This is the site:
This link will bring you to Part One of ten parts. When each part is finished, just click on the next numbered part.
Then, PLEASE, watch Michael Jackson "Take Two The Footage You Were Never Meant To See". This documentary was aired by Maury Povich on Fox television at the request of Michael Jackson, because he was so deeply hurt by Bashir's misrepresentation of him. Bashir deleted critical segments that would have provided truthful accounts of some of the topics discussed, as well as Mr. Bashir inserting a narrative that contradicted what he said to the superstar in his presence. This documentary was filmed while Mr. Bashir was filming his, with the consent of all present. The site is:
Just click on the above site, and the entire eight parts wll sequentially follow.
To the best of my knowledge, Granada possesses this documentary, but I, also, have been told that other networks possess it, in its entirety or in segments, in the U. S., networks such as ABC and MNBC, and probably others. I am asking that the Bashir documentary be banned from any future airing on any network, due to its slanderous content, as well as the unethical and unprofessional manner in which the information was obtained and edited, that corrupts fundamental journalistic principles that everyone relies upon and need to have a faith in.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Gail Becker


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