GrammarlyI want my money back

On 12/05/18 I signed up for Grammarly premium. At the time of purchase I was under the impression that I would be paying $11.99 monthly because thats what it said when I was viewing the payment options. Only a few minutes after making the purchase, I checked my bank account to make sure that I was only charged $11.99, but instead I saw a WHOPPING amount of $139.95.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brownsville, KY I went back to my email to view my receipt and only then was I finally notified that it was a one time payment for the ENTIRE year! I feel violated and disgusted with Grammarly as they basically trick people out of their money. I did NOT authorize the $139.95. I immediately canceled my subscription in hopes to receive a full refund because I will no longer use or support Grammarly. I've contacted them 3 times and I have not been helped with ANYTHING! Incredibly poor customer service. I do not recommend this site to anybody. Grammarly has left me completely broke for the month.

Dec 06, 2018

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