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I am here to lodge a complain about the GrabCar company themselves, this is not coming from a GrabCar Driver, but a passenger. Recently my Friend has sent a complain about a GrabCar driver in hoping they will be able to settle matters on a better term, liking just giving them a warning or a reminder on what they shouldn't be doing in the future. However, I've found out the way GrabCar handles their staffs. Here's how, GrabCar Drivers received a complain, Grab automatically suspended their account, which means they can't work, and that they will have to pay for the rental as well. Humans make mistakes sometimes, passengers can accidentally put the wrong location and get away with it, but this is how the company 'punishes' their staff. I hereby announce the major disappointment I have with this company and that I will not ever ride with Grab again.

Dear passengers, sometimes when Drivers have their reasons for making mistakes. They have overlyworked to support a family. Do show some understanding and don't complain over the smallest mistakes for they have apologised. Yes complain when Drivers are rude to you, that's a bad service. But not when the Drivers have already explained the situation and apologised and when you said you're okay with it, you just complain anyway, because this is what your small complain can result in.

Dear rude Drivers, maybe it's better to learn, and be nice to your future passengers, for they are the ones forking out money for your service and I am sure nobody likes to pay for bad service.

Dear company, please look into the matter of your own company, and maybe just treat your Drivers right. Afterall, they are the source of your income too. It's like a partnership.

Thank you and have a great day.

Dec 01, 2016

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