GrabCar / cancellation of our booking after we waited for several minutes without any message or informing us

Marikina City, Philippines

I would like to share my frustrations about these drivers who accepts our request booking and eventually cancels it after several minutes of waiting. The most recent is our experience with Jacinto Turingan with a plate number AVA 2527. When he accepts the booking, he is about 5mins away from the pick up place. After more than 5mins of waiting, we noticed that he's not moving in his current location. So we decided to send him a text message and ask where he is now? But to my dismay, aside from no any reply, he cancel our booking. I don't know whatever reason he has, but the fact he didnt give any feedback to us and he just denied/cancelled our booking after we waited. So much disappointed. I hope you can do something about these kind of drivers. Attached here is the screenshot of his booking information.


Jul 12, 2016

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