Grab a CarI am complaining about the sudden change of bill, from 270 php during booking to 541 php as I arrived on my destination

My route is from General Ave. Taguig to St. Mary's College at Diliman Quezon City, I used GRABSHARE and my rate is 270 Php, and to my surprised my rate became 541 Php as I arrived in my destination...
I am a regular grab passenger and one thing I like about GRAB is the fixed rate upon booking.. That is why I feel disappointed earlier to the circumstance I've been thru, especially that the money I have in my wallet is just enough for my Grab bill the (270 Php) and for the food I ordered for my meeting at St. Mary's College but because of what happened I have to borrowed money from my colleague, to pay for the extra bill for the food. I hope you understand that what happened had burdened me in borrowing money which is something I don't like. I've been booking the same route way back and never experienced the scenario I had earlier. I hope this will never ever happen again.

May 12, 2017

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