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Our first headache was with a refrigerator with live wires exposed. We contaced GoRenter mutiple times and always got transferred to voicemail without a return phone call for months. Finally, they responsded with, "All appliances are supplied 'as is.'" We ultimately had to purchase a new refrigerator.

The next biggest issue was an HOA fine of $20. We contacted the HOA, explained the confusion, and the fine was waived. 2 days later, GoRenter sent out landscapers that did no work and charged $115 to our account with GoRenter. We contacted GoRenter, and of course was transferred to voicemail, and explained that the HOA had contacted GoRenter 2 days ago and that the issue had been resolved. Conveniently, GoRenter denied every getting that call.

First of all, who sends landscapers to a rental lot for a $20 fine? ...and who sends landscapers to a rental lot on a waived $20 fine? GoRenter. That's who. Our guess is that the landscapers are related to someone in the office.

To top it all off, they sent a certified letter to an alternate address and billed us $35 for this. Each month following, they sent the same certified letter to the alternate address and again billed us $35 per mailing. We contacted GoRenter and asked them why they send these letters to a different address that we never supplied them with, their response was, "because we can." The truth is quite simple. It's because they hope that we never get them.

After several months of pulling teeth and hair, we paid the $150 in dispute to avoid eviction. They accepted the check and sent us a friendly letter to a different address stating, "Thanks for paying the $150 but a balance of $130 still remains on your account." We contacted them again and was transferred to voicemail (see a pattery here?) and they returned our call stating that the $130 was interest accrued on the $150.

To make a long story short, they summoned us to court. We presented our case to the justice of peace who literally doodled while we were presenting our case, and GoRenter was rule the victor for over $2000 in late fees for the $150 and $130.

We have been renters for over 3 years which was of no consequence to the GoRenter. They are obviously not concerned with retention which speaks volumes for their ethics.

I"m sure we're not the only victims in their careless path, but they really need to restructure their management. Avoid them like the plague.

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  • Go
      3rd of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Since the end of 2008 LLC has been under new Ownership & Brokerage. The previous reviews were certainly valid under the past group but our 50 agents want to work on any problem you have. We offer the highest quality lease or property management options. Managing over 2000 properties throughout Arizona! LLC has been known by many names in the past (Property Masters of America, Home America Property Management) but now is entirely separate from them. Mark Bosworth is not associated or affiliated with LLC in anyway.

  • Ha
      1st of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I recently finished my lease to own contract in 2/2009. I have to admit that I could not believe that a professional company could conduct themselves in such a way. I was told that they would do an inspection of the property within 10 days of vacating. After this "inspection" they sent me a letter stating I had a balance of $600 dollars for "cleaning and landscaping". I contacted the company and was transfered to 4 different people all of whom told me they would call me back and let me know why. Finally I was called by a lady after 2 weeks that told me all the repairs had net been completed yet and the owner was trying to save to get the rest of the repairs done. I went to their office and they provided me with a recipt for $200 for interior cleaning and touchup paint. Also I was given a water bill in showing the water was turned back on in my name after I had moved out and they wanted me to pay the charges for reconnection fees. I payed $500 to keep them from sending the bill to collections on the condition they would send me the additional recipts for the additional work the owner could not afford. A week passed and the lady contacted me agian wanting me to pay the water bill charges and i agian explained to her that it is illegal to connect utilities in someone elses name and she still wanted me to pay it. After i asked about the recipts for the additional work she told me she would be in contact with me and she needed to contact the owner agian. I have not heard from the company agian since then (end of march and it is now july). I hope that people will read these comments before they get involved with this company. The other comment about the company being under new management and that the company is working to provide quality property management may be true but this happened far after 2008 and i'm sure it isn't just happening to me...

  • Co
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I am a local investor here in Arizona and have been using for about a year now and they have been great. They got my property rented out quickly and handle all the headaches of being a landlord. I know in the past they had different ownership and were all messed up but so far I have had a good experience.

  • Go
      11th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I leased my house to GoRenter and they put some tenants in it who got evicted. The house needed minor repair but anything over $400 I had to pay for out of pocket. I already pay a monthly management fee, a yearly sign up fee AND an advertising fee so they can put someone of "reputable status" in my house.

    When these idiots got evicted GoRenter went in and took my house desk and my BOLT ON PATIO FURNITURE..this is furniture that needs to be assembled and disassembled to move. This was my furniture that was at my house from my pocket before the eviction. When GoRenter came in to remove the old tenants they "mistakenly" cleaned out my original furniture. When I asked how they plan to reimburse me they said "oh well nothing is on your lease agreement saying you had furniture there". I told the leasing agent 20 times I was leaving this there because its modular bolt on furniture..GoRenter trashed it without even contacting me saying "people leave stuff there all the time and we didnt know it was yours"..So no reimbursement and I am pulling my house from GoRenter

    NEVER EVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY..THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND PUT PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE THAT ROUTINELY GET EVICTED! This is by far the single worst property management company in arizona and they should never be allowed in business let alone out to prey on others. They are savages, animals and deserve to be locked up as such. The worst kind of user!

  • Go
      7th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have had a great experience renting from I have been with them for a few months and have had a great experience so far. They are courteous, professional, and found us a great house in the school district we wanted to be in! I recommend them to any renter searching for a good rental in Arizona.

  • Ih
      8th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I have been dealing with go renter for 7 months now. A few months ago they told us that we owed them over $300 dollars in late fees in which I did realize was my fault and took full responsibility in fixing the problem. While my roommate and I were talking to one of the so called managers, he told us if we paid a total of 1300 (we owed almost 1500) that he would stop the late fees and we wouldn't have to worry about the remaining balance. So, that is what we did, we went and got out money orders and paid him the money. Then about a month ago, I received the normal statement that they send out saying we owed a balance of 150 something and that it would accrue late fees if not taken care of. Which confused me because when we spoke to the guy he told us that we can pay off our balanced owed slowly as long as it is paid by the end of out lease. I said "well its over 50 dollars, wont it accrue late fees?" and he said no. My roommate was with me and we both know what he said. So of course I didn't think anything of it and just knew to pay a little extra when I paid my rent, as we did the previous month. So of course my roommate and I are on the phone all day today trying to talk to someone about this... finally we spoke to the guy we set up the first payment with. He told me that he said that we would have to pay the remainder before the end of June... which is why they wouldn't except our August rent payment and we have no accrued over 500 dollars in late fees. This company makes no sense, and to those of you who say you like them and recommend them, STOP! They will be very nice to you until you are about 6 months in, then they start charging you for things that make no sense and it is a bunch of he said she said bull. Even my actual landlord is fed up. She is getting ready to end her contract with them because they are messing with her also. I do NOT recommend go renter, you would be best of renting through the actual owner of the house. The worst thing of all this is, I just got laid off from my job, and where most company's try to work with you, the refuse... they want us to pay the over 500 in late fees before the end of this month, which isn't going to happen because I have no money coming in... guess it will be to court I go... wish me luck

  • Ji
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    This is a letter that we sent out to gorenter when they tried to renew us automatically. We signed a six month lease that is up at the end of august. They said since we did not give them notice 30 days prior to august 31st we now have to pay for september. Didn't receive the cancellation letter until the end of July. It Gave me about a week to decide if I wanted to stay on the property or not. From the very beginning they knew we were not going to be living there for more than 6 months. That is why we signed 6 month lease because we were going to buy a house. If they want a 30 day notice from me they need to do the same for me and give 30 days not a week. I signed a six month lease and in no way in our lease agreement says we have pay for september and I get automatically renewed. When the lease is up its up. They are making stuff up saying that i have to pay because it states it in the landlord/tenant act and that i should have done my due diligence and researched myself. Well, i did research it and in no way that it states what gorenter claims. What a shady company!


    I believe my husband has spoken to you a few times. We are currently in the property at Surprise, AZ 85388.

    Per our contract with, our lease expires on 8/31/09. We received a letter from on 7/17/09 (letter is dated 7/15/09) giving us the option to renew for 1 year or to continue the lease month-to-month. The letter references an expiration date saying we would automatically go to month-to-month if notice of termination was not received, but no expiration date was given in the letter. I took this to mean that the "expiration date" was the end of our lease, 8/31/09. As my husband told you, we had our first child on 7/15/09 and therefore did not receive the letter until we got home from the hospital on 7/19/09. We then faxed the letter of termination to on 8/7/09 giving 30-days notice. This would put the end of our tenancy at 9/6/09. No where in our contract with does it say that 30-day notice must be given on the first of the month and per your letter referencing the "expiration date" we have until 8/31/09 to notify you if we will be renewing our lease. I've looked at the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Law and it does not say that this is a requirement. The only stipulation for this is pertaining to month-to-month leases which is not our situation.

    We've read the terms of our agreement with and it says written 30-day notice must be provided but it does not say this must be done 30-days prior to the next payment due. We signed a 6-month lease which expires 8/31/09. If because notice of vacancy was not received until 8/7 and you need 30-days notice we need to pay 6 days into September we can do that, but we will not be paying the full month of September. We will be expecting our deposit back within 14-days of vacancy per the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Law. We've figured that we will owe $269.80 for the 6 days in September. We've consulted our attorney, Matthew Kim, and he has confirmed our rights based on the contract we have in place with and the State of Arizona laws.

    If you have any questions, feel free to call me at . If you'd like to speak to our attorney, Matthew Kim, he can be reached at .

    Thank you."

  • Da
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    I really hope they follow the rules here. If its anything like in the past you are screwed. I actually was sued by them in Nov 07. They sent me a renewal letter after we gave 30 day notice, charge 2 months rent along with late fees, attorney fees, processing fees, lunch money(ok thats a joke). But you catch the drift. Because of this, they never refunded my deposit. So I go to court with all my needed documents, of course copies for them too. They were shocked! So they decided to drop the case, cool. So before leaving I ask the Gorenter Rep about my deposit and was told, oh don't worry, we will have that out to ASAP. Nothing came in the mail. So 2 weeks later I call and I'm told that my deposit was refunded to the homeowner since they no longer manage this home and I would need to contact him. I replied that I had not signed a lease with homeowner. I took them to court in Nov 2008 and sued for my deposit beck and the judge ruled in my favor. The Rep for Gorenter was whining and arguing and saying they were not the same company, which blew me away! He said they bought America and they are now LLC; The judge was not too happy with Their Rep, Greg was his name. Even when walking out, he was arguing with me and telling me I would never see a penny. Well so far, he is right. I have not seen a red cent from them. And quiet honestly I'm sick and tired of even thinking about this., Property Masters, Home America, with or without Mark B.

    The day will come where they have to answer for all their wrong doings! I'm ready to participate in legal action against these people once again.

    If you think you can help me with this process, Post and I will read. I will check every single day for new postings.
    All I want is what's owed to me. They refuse to pay, but that will change!!!

  • Be
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    10/16/09 5:07 p.m. Go renter is all a scam. I left there house in excellent condition, even painted, cleaned carpet and landscaped. House was in better condition than when I moved in! I received a security deposit check for $5.00 (security was $1030.00) and a break down of what they supposedly had to do. I regret that I moved out one of their rental property into another. I will never rent or recommend them to anyone... Anyone have any advice about getting my money from these crooks. My girlfriend took the pics with her digital camera and the date is on the pic when you scroll threw them but not when you print them so its my word against their NOO.. RENTER.COM

  • Sh
      12th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes is a horrible company, and I have been dealing with them for over a year now (and we moved in August 2008!). When we moved in, the house wasn't cleaned, nor was the yard maintained. We cleaned the home ourselves (including the carpets) when we moved in, had it professionally cleaned and left the yard in a better condition than when we moved out. After we left, we received a bill for $245 in fees for supposed repair and cleaning. This was all sent over 30 days after we vacated the property, which is their limit underArizona law. We sent a certified letter within 10 days of their letter and never received a response. Now, a year and a half later, we receive a bill indicating we still owe the $245. In my letter over a year ago, we indicated that our contract said to leave the house in the condition it was left, and that we needed to see a copy of the bills for the "door rehang fee" (no doors were not hung) and the "yard maintenance charges" which again, we improved the yard when we lived there. Additionally, we signed a contract with Home America, which then changed its name to and never had us resign a contract, which means we don't have a contract with This company says it has changed, but clearly it is still pursuing the shady practices of its previous ownership.

  • Wa
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    I have been renting a property for Gorenters since 9/5/09 this has been by far the worse company i have ever seen still standing! Problem #1 I contact the office when i first moved into the property due to the key they gave me stating it was the mailbox key when in fact it was the key to the garage which i later found out, left message after message statin i needed to retrieve the mail out the box that included my payroll check specified this check locked up in the box was their payment for rent i called for 3 weeks no response! On the 3rd day of the following month they then contact me advised they had scheduled someone to come and re-key the mailbox.Now they say i owe them late fees.Late fees, certified mail, H.O.A. fine ends up totals to $3000, each month they took their fine from the check for the rent to make it seem as though my rent was not only late but short.Eventually i paid them off but over paid them by a sum of $200.Gorenters refused to give me the amount over paid said they have to apply it to my next months rent!A month later i contact my go to person for repairs she finally emailed me back the "NEXT" month to advised me the repairs i needed was my responsibility and if they sent someone out to fix them i would have to pay 100%! I've asked many of times for the information to the owner Gorenters refuse.I asked the to shut off the sprinkler system that runs constantly in the front yard they said it was my problem! The garage door cord has popped and i can not get in or out which now has sprained my wrist trying manually push it up!I have spoken to supervisors in that office who are completly rude! So now I will seek help somewhere else! My mom also rents from this company and for a check that was $0.04(yes 4 cent) short they charged her $35 late fee advised if she made any repair to take them down when she moved and put the broken items back up!They set up a website for payment i tried to access it 4 times and then called for someone to assist me with it in November needless to say I'm still waiting for them to call me back...It is now 02/25/2010 UGH

  • Wh
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    Everyone knows that renters complain (Sorry guys) But when the renters and the landlords complain, something is up. The warning signs: lost contracts, sopy machine not working, signature does not look like yours, or promised that you get free no fees, or whatever and it does not happen. No one can explain the charge syou get, and complaints do no good. You will not get a full month pay. When the tenants break lease, they may do nothing if they need the funds the landlord has to pay to get a replacement tenant. I had to threat suit to the tenant, when GoRenter did not even ask them to pay what was owed. You will lose if you play the Gorenter game, unless you are dang lucky, or you are a family member of Bosworth, running the company from puppet strings. Search Property Masters, Home America, GoRenter is all the same. Only the crud is pushed around a bit each time the name is changed.

  • Cu
      29th of May, 2010
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    I also rent from go renter and they are quick to take your money and tell your you receive the property as is but when you return the property in the same or better state that you received it in they bill you for everything but the kitchen sink they seem yo not care what kind of damage or shape it is when you rent but oh when your lease is over they act like these homes or condos are tp be left in perfect condition and another thing they dont even do the repairs when they bill you. I had a friend move in to my old place and what i got charged for was not repaired when he moved in GO renter is a scam.. do not rent when these people they do not know how to manage or provide customer service

  • Je
      29th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    go renter is the worst management company in the world!!! they never answer their phones they don't care about the problems u might have with a house ur renting from them and when u do finally talk to them u get the run around they screw people over in anyway they can. The people that work there are idiots who never have any idea what their talking about and when u ask them questions u will always get ten different answers!!! i hate them and i would recommend nobody ever use their services. I have no idea how they can say their one of the best!!! ever time i think or see their name it makes me want to throw up!!! the literally disgust me!!

  • Go
      15th of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    DO NOT RENT from DO NOT HAVE manage your property! I have had a very bad experience from the start. They told me the rent would be $1400. When I went to sign the lease, it changed to $1453. They charged me a security deposit of $1453 and then explained that only $1100 of it would be refunded. I have paid my rent on time or early for the last 10 months. Because the 1st fell on a Friday and they were closed on Saturday, my rent payment for July did not get processed until the 2nd business day of the month, July 5th. They had the nerve to send me a bill for a late fee of $100. I have called several times only to get the run-around. The last time I called, the girl hung up on me after telling me that the $100 would have to be paid or I would be turned over for collection. It has been two weeks and still no resolution. I don't plan to renew my lease with them.

  • Da
      10th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Here is a little scenario to think about... One day a burglar tries to break in your house, all is well thankfully you have a roommate there that scared them off. You try calling the rental company to get the front door fixed because the burglar kicked it in. You get a hold of the receptionest and explain to her that you need your door fixed tonight because it won't even close. She says"oh that is horrible I will transfer your call to someone that can help immediately". Go figure you end up leaving a message cause nobody knows how to answer the phone. Since your in a state of shock and you need your door fixed you head to the store and buy $500 worth of materials and think the company will reimburse you. Sorry this isn't a happy ending, the rental company tells you the next day when they finally call that your screwed and they will absolutely not reimburse you for the materials because they didn't okay you to make the repairs even though you have a police report and the officers took pictures of the damage. Wow, really, GORENTER is that messed up. To top that off the ac just died a week ago, don't bother calling the emergency number on your lease it tells you not to leave a message cause nobody monitors that line anymore. It's been almost a week without ac in the house, if you have spent a summer in phoenix you know how bad it can get. Just think how bad it can get in your house in august. Try to get some sleep when the thermostat says it is still 95 degrees. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REFER ANYBODY TO GORENTER.

  • An
      18th of Apr, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Not happy with GoRenter at all. When we initially moved into a house in Avondale and there were numerous things wrong with our house. When we made a list, there were about 9 things wrong, including a broken window on the second floor, rusted faucet in the kitchen, kitchen sink was rotted underneath, master bedroom shower faucet, dead roaches on the 1st floor..that we had to vacuum up before we moved our things in. Also, the grout in the dining area was unfinished, the back yard was just dirt and weeds, and the front driveway had an oil stain on it. When we complained to them, they told us that we could not get anything fixed, not even the broken window, because we agreed to move in “AS IS CONDITION!” Ok…fine. so we dealt with all of the problems and got around it. Now, we just had to move out 4 months earlier than our lease was up, due to the fact that we could not find work in Arizona. It had been very difficult and getting harder to maintain living there, and rent. I sent in an email over three months ago and followed the correct steps to breaking the lease. I was aware of the fact that we would have to pay March, April ect….until someone moves in that residence. I have not heard from them at all until this week. They sent me a letter stating that I owe you over 8, 000.00. YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!! As clean as we kept that place over a year, that is ridiculous! We hired carpet cleaners, scrubbed doors, walls, tile and that house was spic and span. CLEANER THAN THE CONDITION THAT IT WAS WHEN WE MOVED IN!! We brought our own washer and dryer, because the house only had a washer. They are charging us 1, 500.00 for both washer and dryer!! The only thing in that house was a washer, that we pushed against the wall and never used, because we had our own! They charged us 400.00 for house cleaning! I DONT THINK SO!! WE videotaped and took pictures of that house just in case you all tried to pull this stuff with us! That house is cleaner than theyl had it when we moved in! They charged us 198.00 for yard service! We had someone come over and do the yard! Did they not listen to my message when I called and told them all that I would turn the key in after the yard people finished the yard? Plus.. its only a front yard, the back is dirt and weeds! They charged us maintanance repair??? For what??? When we moved in, we asked them to fix the things that they are trying to repair!! Are they serious??!! They charged us 390.00 for paint?? It did not need painting! Its as though you are charging us for anything! And lastly a powerwash 150.00. Did we not tell them along time ago that it was oil in our driveway? These guys have many complaints! I have read their blogs! I can see why people feel the way that they do. Noone can ever reach them. They are horrible when it comes to calling people back. They are seriously gonna have a problem with us paying all of this. Its not fair, nor is it right! They need to look at their notes or something..oh, but then they probably didnt take any. This makes them all look very bad and disorganized as a business. We are not happy with this at all!!

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