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In November of 2018, I received a Good Housekeeping magazine with a bill for $7.97. I ignored it thinking it was just outreach on the company's part as I never ordered this magazine. First, I don't read magazines and second, I'm not a 90 year old woman who would subscribe to Good Housekeeping. I then received a "final notice" of this bill at the end of November. I went online and found NUMEROUS complaints of this company doing the same thing to other people. So I call the company and wait over 20 minutes to talk to "John". He asks for my billing zip code, account number, last name, and street address. I refused to give him my street address. If they have my account and verified my zip and last name that's all the information they need. He insisted in order to cancel my bill he needed my street address. I told him no way as I was uncomfortable giving these charlatans any more of my personal information. I informed him that what this company is doing is mail fraud and that I will be reporting Good Housekeeping and him to the BBB and PA Attorney General, so he needed to cancel my bill immediately. I then hung up.

Dec 01, 2018

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