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Please read entire post before considering attending the golf academy of america
I am a recent graduate from the golf academy in myrtle beach. I attended the school right out of the military, so to say the least, the government paid for absolutely everything. Where should i start, lets see, i will start when i went to visit the school. They gave me a lot of information, everything good of course, but unfortunately nothing that pertained to a actual career in the golf industry and what you need to do to get a descent job as a class a teaching professional or a member of the pga.

They didn't tell any of the students coming into the school and it wasn't until the middle of the second semester that one of the instructors, who is one of the few very good instructors, told us about the pga apprenticeship program and what you need to do to get into it. Basically the only purpose of the school is to prepare you for the courses you will have to take if and when you pass the pga's pat, which is another 3 years of the exact same work that you just paid $33, 000 for.

Here is a eye opener, you do not need to go to the golf academy to get into the pga apprenticeship program. All you have to be is a good golfer and pass the pat, and then get a job at a course at as a assistant professional, and then you will be eligible to get your books and start your course work to be a pga professional. The pga doesn't even recognize the golf academy when it comes to taking the pat. When i say that i mean, pgm program students have first option at taking the pat, then people who work at a golf course, then two weeks prior to the pat, golf academy students and anyone else who may want to take the test may sign up. If you sign up early and take up a spot, i was told and confirmed this with the pga, you will be banned for 6 months from taking it.

Now the course work at the school. It is basically a joke and i kid you not when i say this. Everyone passes and all you have to do is show up for class. Everyone passes because all they want is your money, it is nothing like a real college or university. There are a great deal of courses in the myrtle beach area where the students are treated like ### due to the way some of the students carry themselves on the course, not to mention the drinking and drug use right on the course. This even carries over into the classroom where there is a huge drug problem at that school, and the instructors turn a blind eye to it.

The school has some great instructors, but there are also a lot of unprofessional ones and a lot of classes that are a complete joke. Please take my word for it, if you want a job in the golf industry get a job working bag drop at a course and work your way up and take some lessons from the pro at the course you would be working. You will save your self a boat load of money.

About me, i did pass the pat and am in a apprenticeship program, and i would not hire a golf academy student over a pgm student just because i know the school is a complete joke. But again, just like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If i were to do it again, i would not go to the golf academy of america. Oh yeah, very few if any credits will transfer to any accredited college or university if you plan on getting a bachelor's but then again, virginia college will be more than glad to give you a bachelor's degree if you give them more money.

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  • Ho
      12th of Sep, 2014

    Sadly this review of Golf Academy of america is accurate. I agree with everything that exposethescam says about it. You don't need this school to become a PGA professional but they will tell you otherwise. Its basically a waste of money. Everyone does pass the classes even if they are blatantly failing. The golf academy of america just wants your money so they dont want people to leave once theyve started. The teachers are basically the ones that golf courses reject, so think about that. Most of the students are on drugs and come to school drunk or high, but the school doesnt do anything about it because then they wouldnt get their moeny. The school will lie to your face about everything under the sun and make it sound like a dream, but it is everything but a dream once youre already in debt from their clown college classes. ive even had people who have never golfed a day in their life in my classes. Why on earth would a golf school admit people who dont even golf? Money.

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  • Jl
      31st of Oct, 2014

    I would agree with EVERYTHING the above reviewers have said. I graduated from SDGA (now GAA) in San Diego, back in 1991. Yes, a long time ago! It did NOTHING for me! If I were serious about getting into the golf business today (if you are really hell bent on doing this--in a rapidly declining golf industry where good jobs are scarce), then go do the PGA's "PGM program" at a "real" regionally accredited university, where in 4 years, you'll have a bachelors degree, can pass your "PAT" (players ability test) and maybe even work at a local golf course (while you're in school) and be knocking out some qualifying work/credit time towards your PGA Class A. I would check with the PGA, to see what their present day "rules" are, for all of this---as it may have changed, since when I went through all of this back in the early/mid 1990's. (I am no longer in the golf business---gladly!!!) Otherwise, spending the (now) $30, 000+ in tuition for attending the Golf Academy of America, (plus whatever living expenses you have --lets safely say it takes at least $25, 000/yr. to live on over TWO years, ...that's $50, 000, plus your $30, 000 tuition) gets you a minimum wage job after GAA graduation. Yes, you read that correctly, MINIMUM WAGE! And $25, 000 a year, is a LOW NUMBER to live on...think about it...most rent (in most major cities) for a decent apartment is $1000/month, so that leaves you with $13, 000/year to spend on FOOD, CLOTHING, GAS, INSURANCE, CAR PAYMENT, etc., and you haven't even paid the taxes on that cash yet, so now, you're BELOW ZERO FINANCIALLY! You might could make this work, if you like sleeping on a bunk bed and driving a GO-CART for a car...or if you're 20 years old and live with Mom and Dad, with no real expenses. After you graduate from the GAA, you will have no PGA Club Pro status, and you're THREE to FOUR (more) years away (after you complete the Golf Academy of America program of nearly 2 years--if you take a summer off) from getting your PGA Class A work done. TWO years of attending GAA, plus THREE to FOUR more years after this, of being in the PGA apprentice program, getting your PAT done, and getting your PGA courses/credits in. So, this is almost 5 to 6 years of your time (going the GAA route) and MUCH more expensive!!! To get an "honest" unbiased opinion about the present day golf business (2014), go do some due diligence, and ask a few local PGA pros what they think of the golf business, what opportunities "truly" exist today, and what opportunities exist for advancement, increased pay, etc. This will tell you "all you need to know" (good or bad) and give you a better understanding of "what you're walking into", instead of entering an industry "blindly". As for PAY($) in the golf business (at an entry level), you might be lucky to make $20, 000/yr. as an apprentice. See above description of what $25, 000/yr gets you, so at $20, 000/yr. you're calling a bankruptcy attorney on year two, and then, you're starting over from nothing (again). So, save yourself some headaches, (and cash)...check it all out first, be HONEST with yourself, and don't be trapped into the ILLUSION of getting into the golf business is some "great" thing, where you'll play lots of golf--truth is, you'll play more golf, selling INSURANCE, and you'll work 4 days a week, make a very nice living, and have weekends OFF! My advice, go sell INSURANCE, you'll have a much more stable, secure future financially! After all, not everyone "NEEDS" golf, but everyone DOES NEED INSURANCE! (more profitable)

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