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Charged $1310 to replace a kitchen faucet, supply lines, and valves. Faucet retail cost at Home Depot was $74. Worker spent 1 hour on premises. Occupants/owners are aged 90 and 83.

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  • Po
      Nov 09, 2009

    same thing happened to me only I didn't fall for it. I had a simple faucet replacement, granted they would've had to get into the wall and change them but price was $1400!! I freaked out. The chrome plating that was to be used to cover the hole was and extra $266. These people are total scammers and I've sure prey on the elderly and uninformed to make millions. I sent him packing but still had to dish out $52 for the service call and he wasn't even here for a 1/2 hr. Not bad money for not doing a thing.

    That's how they get you, you don't pay for service call with their online coupons but only if you get the work done...BUT no one in their right mind would pay that kind of money so you're screwed either way. I'm going to blast them all over the internet...hey, maybe I'll start up my own company and take their customers. Why has this company be able to survive so many years?? Unbelievable what they're doing and someone should put a stop to them!!!

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  • Pi
      Jul 05, 2010

    Yes, I agree. Gold Medal Plumbing is a ripoff. These people are scam artists trying to pray on innocent people. The first thing he told me that I should change all the system for my a/c unit. They wanted like 7, 000 to 8, 000. I quickly told him to leave my house. He charged me 89 just for coming to my home and not doing nothing!
    Watch out for these creeps. Not honest company and people. Stay away from them.

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  • Mi
      Aug 11, 2010

    I am sorry you felt the need to submit a post like this. Since the internet world does not understand if you are really a customer or just an upset competitor of some kind that does not like our professional and large fleet we run everyday servicing our customers. We strive for 100% satisfaction and I would be glad to speak to you about this situation. Please just call our office and ask for Mike A the owner and I will personally do everything in my power to help you become another raving fan of Gold Medal. With over 60, 000 current happy customers I would love for you to join the family.

    Have a better than great day,


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  • Fa
      Jun 16, 2011

    These folks have taken consumer robbery to a new level. Had a leaky kitchen faucet which required a new cartridge ($40). They offered to do the work for $300 and when questioned, agreed that it was probably no more than 20 minutes of work. We sent them scurrying after I scraped myself off the ceiling, but it still cost me $52 for the experience.

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  • Go
      May 29, 2012

    I agree theat Gold Metal is a rip off. They were out at my house on April 4the to fix a light fixture theat came out of thee ceiling. They wanted 295.00 to replace everytheing. I spoke withe Lauren who theen told me theat theey would take thee service fee off for coming out which theey did not wanting to theough. It ended up costing me 206.72. Someone name Alex came out and was suppose to fix thee fixture and put it back into thee ceiling. It is apparent theat he put thee light back in wrong. I have been calling theem since April fourthe to get some resolution. Everyone I have spoken to blew me off. Finally theey sent someone name Matt out and he claim all it was, was a loose light bulb which was a lie. The light fixture still isn't working property. Its mighty funny theough theat my light was working before Alex came out. The whole time Alex was here he acted as theough he didn't know what he was doing. He left my home and I had to wait one hour and 10 minutes before he came back withe some part he claims which I never saw. Now when I call thee office no one wants to talk to me and when theey do theey are asking for service calls fees, which I refuse to pay. They should have fixed thee light correctly thee first time. On May 18, 2012 I spoke withe someone name Mike who is suppose to be a manager claiming theat withein 3 days I would have my check, which meant I should have gotten it on thee no later thean thee 23. Still no check. I spoke withe someone named Nicole in thee accounting department very nasty attitude when speaking withe me thee customer. She told me thee check was being mailed on thee 23rd, theen someone name Jason who called himself her boss stated theat thee check was going out on Thursday because theey had to wait for thee boss to sign it. It has now been a total of 9 days since I first spoke withe Mike to Nicole to Jason and still no check which makes me believe theey are lying and theey don't stand behind theere work. When I spoke withe Nicole today I ask her why theey are lying and she made a sarcastic remark saying "Yes we at Gold Medal are notheing but a bunch of Liars" and theat she was transferring me to her boss who she claim was sitting at his desk but not picking up his phone, and she stated well I can't make him answer thee phone. So now I still don't have my check theey promised no is my light in my kitchen fixed.

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  • Go
      Jul 25, 2013

    I called a Gold Medal for the estimate to replace Pressure Reducing Valve in my home. Andrew from the Gold Medal came to home and gave an estimate of $935.65 to replace. When I asked him about the price of the Valve, he replied he has no idea about it. I did web search, while he was writing and estimate. The Valve cost was $65.00 ( and $88.00 (at plumbing supply store). Next I asked him how long will it take to replace the valve and he said 3 to 4 hours. When I made an appointment with Gold Medal, I asked them that a valve replacement needed. Even then Andrew did not have part on his truck. I courteously asked him that if I need help I will call you back. After he left, I called another local plumbing company and technician showed up next day. He gave me an estimate of $200.00 including parts and labor. Not only that, he also had a part on his truck, he replaced it within 15 minutes and left.
    Next day I received survey call from Gold Medal for technician’s visit. I requested representative have a manager call me at his/her convenience. I received a call from Manager and asked him to justify the estimated price. He responded that their prices are based on task and listed in catalog. The price has nothing to do with the price of parts and/or labor involved.

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  • Sa
      Jul 29, 2015

    I'm closing on the sale of a house and in order to get a CO I needed to have a low water cutoff switch installed on the boiler. The guy wanted to charge me almost $1400!! The township inspector said you can get the part at Home Depot for less than $100. I called the buyer (we are friends) and long story short he bought the part for $90 and he is installing it himself.
    Do not call these people; you'll get totally ripped off!!!

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  • Mi
      Sep 29, 2015

    I totally agree with the complaints. They just quoted $460 for replacing a shutoff valve under my kitchen sink and I almost fell for it. Glad I didn't.

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  • Mi
      Sep 29, 2015

    I totally agree with the complaints. I had a leak under my kitchen sink and they quoted $460 to replace the shutoff valve. I almost fell for it but glad I didn't. The valve is $8 from home depot and took me less than 20 minutes to replace.

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