Gillette / toxic masculinity ad

United States Review updated:

Perhaps Gillette should focus on developing, marketing and selling shaving products and NOT on "virtue signaling" and insulting a very large segment of its customer base.

One would think that Gillette would know its customers better than to do this!

May I suggest that Gillette pull this offensive ad, fire its ad agency, and the marketing director or VP that approved this ad.

I've been thinking for more than a decade that men need to organize of the basis of gender as women have done and exert our economic power on companies who engage in insulting conduct such as this.

I for one will NEVER purchase another Gillette product again! Many competing high quality options are available and at lower cost.

Jan 16, 2019
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  • Ck
      Jan 17, 2019

    See the egard watch company's new ad in response to Gillette's ad on youtube.

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  • Pr
      Jan 21, 2019

    Are you sure your add company is not working for the competition. Congratulations on offending the lion's share of your customer base. Harry's Razors, here I come!

    Maybe someday when your SVP of Marketing grows up and starts wearing big boy pants he/she will understand just what a huge cluster this commercial was. I'm sure it will go down as one of the worst marketing decisions in history!

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  • Br
      Jan 22, 2019

    Procter & Gamble should focus on advertising their products. I found the commercial offensive and ridiculous. I am returning my gillette and blades today. Never again. Leave politics to the politicians where it belongs. That's more than enough.

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