Gillettegillette endurance cool wave clear gel

I've been a very loyal, long time Gillette customer. Have always bought your razors, blades and deodorant. Always. For the past 35 years almost. Have always been pleased and happy with your products. Until as of late, when I started buying the item above at Costco. Up until recently there was another product available in a non-gel form. Kind of a "go-on clear" stick I'm assuming. Have purchased tons of that over the years. And then it was no longer available, as it was replaced by the clear gel.

Although this product smells fine, not only do I not like the way it both dispenses from the package it's in, but it's also hard to control the quantity used as well. Too much, not enough, etc, etc. I'm just used to the previous product. Worked great. Why would it be changed? Always pleased with it. And moreover to this concern, I've essentially ruined at least 5 or 6 shirts by using it over the past number of months. Good shirts too; work shirts. Not sure if the ingredients have changed or not, but now I've always got residue on the clothing material itself, along with stains that are very noticeable. To the point where I've not only stopped wearing some shirts, I've actually thrown them away. I'm not one to complain, nor take the time to do it online in general. But I just noticed another good quality shirt with the same problems.

So I'm very upset, and decided to sit down, find this website, and let you know how I feel. Not sure if you can/will/or even want to do anything for me in terms of compensation. The replacement cost of those six shirts would be nice!! However I won't hold my breath on that request. That said, I'm going to stop using this product immediately, and try something else. And I may go back to Costco to see if they'll reimburse me for the unused/unopened products I still have.

Jun 03, 2018

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