Gillette Fusionfaulty shaving gel bottle

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Im writing in reguards to a total of 3 defective large canisters of gillette fusion pro glide gel. They simply cease to dispence any gel after 2 or 3 uses. The first one I though ok odd. No biggie. The 2nd one im thinkin umm damn. But the 3rd bottle of the shaving gel I bought. Worked for literally one shave. And I usually wouldnt care, but I had a huge job interview and half way through my shave the bottle stopped dispensing the gel yet again. Needless to say I had to go to the interview looking like an idiot and ecplain the situation. I love the product but my last 3 experiences with the proglide gel has detered me from buying your product again. Those things arent cheap either. Wasted money one not one. Not two but three. Pretty upset. But willing to givecit ine more shot. Anything you can do will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Have a great day. Casey santos [protected]

Jan 30, 2017
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  • Ki
      Feb 03, 2017

    i also have the exact same complain regarding my gillette shaving foam can
    the first i thought maybe something wrong but it happened with all 3 in the same pack so i decided to change to gillette fusion hydra gel and that has the same problem
    what to do

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  • Ge
      Mar 19, 2017

    I also have the same issue with all 4 of the dispensers, it's bloody ridiculous. I have warned my wife never to purchase gellette gels or foams again.. and at the price of this product it's unacceptable!!!

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  • Ta
      Jun 20, 2017

    i too have the same complaint with 2 dispensers now.

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  • St
      Dec 01, 2017

    I have just bought a twin pack of these and one doesnt work at all and the other worked for one push, absolutely terrible.

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