Giftcards.comBusiness practices need an audit

I purchased a giftcard for myself using a picture I took that has emotional value to me. The amount was fairly large, $500. This card sat in my wallet for a considerable amount of time unused. Three years passed, and I accrued $123.75 in dormancy fees and $376.25 was escheated ( reported to my state of residence as abandoned property- more on this later). graciously and immediately refunded my $123.75 in dormancy fees. I was instructed to contact my state treasury department to recover the confiscated funds, but I was informed by my state they had no record of monies belonging to me being turned over to them. I was then assigned a "level II review". It has been almost two weeks now, I have only been able to contact my reviewer once, and the regular representatives I speak to can only read case notes that the review is still in progress. I would like restitution based on: Due diligence was not done. GC.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Pittsburgh, PAC is required by law to notify me that an escheatment is/will occur, which they did not do. This card was purchased by me, for me, so the addresses are all the same, and I am still living at that address. I am not difficult to find. The funds were not turned over to my state of residence. I have not lived in any other state for 30 years, there would be no reason to turn the funds over elsewhere. I did an online missing property search of all states, and my name appears in none of them. I would think there would be an electronic record within the business to determine exactly where these funds were sent. If they are unable to determine the funds were sent outside the company, then they are still be in possession of them, and must turn them over to the legal owner and claimant ( me)! One would think that a business would keep better records for things of this nature. Perhaps an internal or external audit needs to be done to examine the business practices of what actually becomes of money that is reported as being escheated.

May 04, 2017

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