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Gexa Energy / Billing errors and overcharges!

1 United States

At the time my contract was up, the bill was lower. The bill remained lower for months and then I received BACK BILLING for hundreds of dollars billed at a rate almost TWICE the ESTABLISHED RATE. When I contacted customer service, the lady stated she couldn’t do anything but would have another representative call me. I waited for days to receive a cryptic email (not the promised call) which did not address the billing errors and the overcharges. I called the number and through two days of both email attempts and phone calls, I was never allowed to talk to a supervisor and only told that a supervisor had been emailed. The exact words of the only representative I was allowed to speak to were that he was “only the messenger”. I was offered a “courtesy” credit of less than half of the overcharges and a contract renewal. Obviously, all of my accounts are now established elsewhere. The unethical practices demonstrated throughout the process included: • CONSISTENT BILLING ERRORS over the period of four months. • The company “correcting” the billing errors at a rate almost TWICE the ESTABLISHED RATE. • NEVER PROVIDED THE NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION of the OBSCURE “SUPERVISOR” who was the only one who could make decisions. • Brief emails were the norm for attempting to make the situation “go away” rather than a discussion of the company’s errors and an ethical means for correcting those errors. • A representative who was only the “messenger” by his own words, who felt the need to go on a rant about how he was not required to provide me information of what he discussed with his supervisor. • I was offered a SMALL DISCOUNT AS A “COURTESY” WITHOUT ANY STATEMENT OF THE TRUE INHERENT ERRORS COMPLETED OVER A PERIOD OF 4 MONTHS AND WAS TOLD TO PAY THE FULL BILL ANYWAY because that would take weeks. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. I used them for years without a problem; however WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM, EVEN IF IT IS THEIR FAULT, IT IS UNLIKELY THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH ANYONE WHO HAS THE CAPACITY TO MAKE A DECISION. There are clearly ONGOING UNETHICAL AND HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE PRACTICES within Gexa operations.

Dec 16, 2015

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