GemPundit / Fortuna Retailgemstones too overpriced. not trustworthy, not reliable. product quality is poor. workmanship is fine.

Jul 22, 2018 Review updated:

In April 2017, I ordered a Gemstone (Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj) from Fortuna Retail (GemPundit). I selected a Gemstone from their inventory as listed on their website. The product that I received was quite different. On website, there was hardly 1 faint line appearing in between the stone. But in the product that I received, there were MANY Lines inside the Gemstone. When I started wearing it, many people used to ask me whether the stone is broken from inside. I always denied any wrongdoing. 4-5 months after I started wearing it, I consulted my astrologer again. My astrologer had a good look at the Gemstone (Yellow Sapphire) and eventually told me that it is a fake stone or re-treated stone (used by someone earlier, then retreated, and then sold again in market). My astrologer was disappointed after viewing the Gemstone. I was strictly advised to avoid buying any product further from fact, after I stopped wearing that unholy Gemstone, my life started moving on a positive track. As a matter of fact, those few months when I wore that Gemstone, they were truly the toughest for me in terms of money, fame, peace of mind etc.

If someone is looking to buy Gemstones online, I would recommend Not to Pay unless you see the Gemstones yourself. It is important to have a reliable and detailed Certificate, for that fact sometimes, these jewellers change the stone during the making process. It is always advisable to get the ring/pendant crafted in front of you to avoid any wrongdoing.

The strength of GemPundit (as I realized) is the marketing & sales skills of it's owners/partners. These people can sell anything to anybody. They are that good. Such a business model where product quality is not adequate cannot last for long. Customers are bound to complain at some stage.


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      Nov 18, 2019

    I recommend trying Gem Guru-
    They sell GII certified gemstones, have transparent pricing and testimonials on their website.
    I have never had a bad experience buying from Gemguru.

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