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I was charged with 4 consecutive late payments which is not correct. I made a payment 6/18/2017 for my July Statement. Then I made a payment July 8 2017 for my August statement, which was not applied to August but instead applied to the July Statement. From that month on they assessed a late fee for every month. I spoke to customer service and requested a reversal of all the late fees because I had been paying on time or even early. The company incorrectly applied the August payment to July, but I was told the company policy was to only give one late fee waiver. I wrote a letter to Presidential Correspondence, PO Box 981438, El Paso Texas 79998 and am waiting for a reply. I asked for a reversal of the late fees. The company did not apply my July 8 payment to the correct month and now it believes I have been paying late, when in reality I have been paying early.

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • GE Money US's Response, Aug 08, 2011

    I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your CareCredit account. We'd like to help. Please email me at [protected] with the following information:

    - The full name associated with the account
    - Mailing address associated with the account
    - Your contact phone number
    - Reference code DM 080811_ccc

    For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

    GE Money

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  • Vi
      Dec 05, 2007
    Ge Money Bank / Care Credit - inaccurate reporting, extreme fees
    GEMoney Bank/Care Credit
    P. O. Box 981127
    El Paso
    United States
    Phone: 1-866-893-7864

    In my case this company has done nearly everything wrong.
    I used this account for Lasik surgery, which did not work. I was not told when billing would start. I received a phone call saying my first bill was past due and I explained I had not gotten a bill. I was told another would be issued. When that one came it had a very high finance charge and late fee. I did not feel either were justified. I was told that there was zero interest and it was not my fault that the initial bill was not received. I doubled up on what was to be my monthly payment as I was told it would be. Still every month late charges and finance charges sky high. I then received a letter stating if I paid a specific amount by a certain date it would cure my default. I had just made a payment dated two days after the date on the letter. When I called to verify the remainder I was told the letter that was sent must have been a mistake and was asked to prove that it existed. I was given an even larger amount that I was told I needed to pay. I acquired a copy of my credit report and the information that is being reported there is also inaccurate on this account. I tried to speak with someone to rectify the situation and was told it was not GE's fault and there was nothing they could do.

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  • Je
      Aug 01, 2008

    The same thing happened to me when i financed my motorcycle. I did not get a bill in the mail, but was eventually called and told i owed 2 months' payments plus a late fee. I was able to resolve it through persistent arguing. fast forward to today, my bike was totaled and when i used the settlement check to pay off my credit, they accidentally put my money in someone else's account. THEN! they tried to pull that same amount from another account i have from a different bank! and i never authorized them to do so. add this all to a true effort to hide any means of you talking to a real person and you have the worst run business ever. GE Money is a horrible, horrible business. If i was the better business bureau, I'd give them an F.

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  • Wp
      Jan 12, 2009
    Ge Money Bank / Care Credit - Late Fees
    GE Money Bank
    United States

    I make monthly payments, on the web, on the payment due date and GE Money Bank sends immediate online acknowledgements, then when I get my next statement, they show the payment made later than the due date and then they assess a $39 late fee. Also, they change the due dates on a monthly basis; I've been told they operate on a 23 billing cycle, definitely not conducive to normal (30 day) money management cycles. Their people have told me they'll remove the late fees, then never do. The personnel at GE Money Bank are rude, inflexible and uncoopertive. I'll never do business with them again once my account is payoff.

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  • To
      Apr 12, 2011

    The same thing is now happening to me. I had 3 late fees for paying my bill too early and when I spoke to an agent, she was nice enough to remove 2 late fees (all the system allowed her to do) then she changed my due date. The change in due date was suppose to allow me to pay my bill earlier but low and behold, when I saw my new statement, I was charged a late fee again! When I called back, I was told, it takes 30 days for the change to be effective. So I asked if the new late fee could be reversed and the agent tried but the system, again, would not let her. I suggest we start a class action suit as I'm sure we are not the only persons being affected by this systematic scam!!!

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  • Ma
      Apr 26, 2011

    It impossible to get anyone with an straight answer at GE.
    They are used to lie and cheat. They themselves supported the president
    election and gain favors to never declare profits. In another word GE is
    one of the Corporations that should be paying taxes and yet they don't.
    Why not? If you can answer that question then you will know the
    inside government job they did and do.
    We the middle class people will continue to pay the taxes that companies like GE do not pay and other companies like this will not do.
    The taxes are for us to pay. Wake up it is not the rich, but the "government elected" that do not pay!

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  • Jr
      Aug 04, 2011
    Ge Money Bank / Care Credit - Customer Service Nonexistent
    GE Money/Care Credit
    Las Vegas
    United States

    I was late on my payment. The first day after it was due, I began receiving calls at 5am! I work night shift so this of course irritated be. And aside from that, I am well aware these types of calls at this hour are actually illegal regardless of what shift the person receiving the calls is working. I called and attempted to speak to a manager to avoid language barrier issues right off the bat. This didnt really work out, as the manager also had an accent and apparently had no interest in being apologetic or understanding at all! I attempted to explain my issue anyway. I stated I understood that I needed to make a payment but first wanted them to explain the ungodly hour of their phone calls. First, the excuse was they are based on the east coast. Second, the excuse was my phone number was based on the east coast, which is a ridiculous excuse, as cell phones are globally transferrable now and most people only have a cell phone which I mentioned to the manager. I politely asked the manager to read back to me the address on the account, which is in Nevada, where I am located. He did so and I asked "So, where do you think I am?" He replied, "Nevada...?" I said yes. He then tried to act like he was unaware what time zone that was in. He continued to argue with me so I told him to forget it. I would make my payment online and file a complaint through a third party who might actually listen, understand, and provide a solution. I was also quite disturbed that they only asked for my name and didn't verify any other personal information. I would write a complaint to GE Money but their only contact information on the site or elsewhere is a phone number. I have been late one other time and had the same issue with the same failure at resolving the issue or making a payment by phone. So this time I'm posting complaints about this garbage excuse for a "business" everywhere I can in hopes that no one else will get a card through them. I just failed to do any research because I was pressed for time trying to save one of my pets.. I have also had issues with them changing dates the bill is due and not telling me. I just think they have a really horrible concept of how to run a business. I also had issues with late fee return when it wasn't late and also when they changed the billing date on me. DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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