Gautrainclueless supervisor named azwi tsatsi

Clueless Supervisor named AZWI TSATSI
Today I was completely disrespected by a woman named AZWI TSATSI at the Pretoria Gautrain Station. The Gautrain machine took money from my bank account but didn't issue the card I was buying or the money I was putting on that card I was buying. I asked for help from the assistants and they referred to AZWI TSATSI because she's apparently a supervisor.

She initially asked me to cancel the transaction on the Gautrain website and later said I can't do that because I don't have a card. This indicates that she doesn't know how to do her job, even though she's a supervisor.

She then said she needs proof that I paid. I tried to show her an SMS that money was taken from my account. She then said that's not proof enough. She needs a statement from my bank account that I paid.

I then tried to open my bank account on my phone using a phone app to show her that money was taken from my account. She then just left me there and decided to go where people pay thier cards to go help them.

I was very shocked by her behavior. I went to the line so that I could get her attention. When it was my turn I asked her why is she making me an idiot telling me that I must show her my bank statement when she knew that she would leave me there like an idiot alone. She then said I must go to the bank to go get a bank statement because the statement in my phone is not good enough.

I asked her if she's aware that I have to get to work and she's already wasted 30 minutes of my time. And she's trying to waste more of my time by saying that I must go to the bank. She then starting shouting at me. I ended up having to pay pay more money because I couldn't afford to waste more of my time since I was already one late.

It is absolutely shocking that this person is a supervisor. I don't know how she got that supervision position. She has no idea what supervision means, and has no customer service non whatsoever

Dec 10, 2018

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