Gap Studios / $800 gift voucher/lack of clarity on pricing options

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My wife and I ended up having a bitter experience at the Gap Studio (on 9 January 2019), instead of a pleasant one. We received a "$800 gift voucher"and decided to experience something different - to have our family picture taken by professionals in Australia.
Our initial experience was nice; the photographer was great and helpful! Next, we were taken to the projection room. The sales person guided us through those captured moments, helping us to choose the "best" images, while soft music playing in the background. My wife and our pre-teen daughter "really" wanted to have some of those beautiful images! Then it came as an awful shock that a set of five framed pictures would cost about $5, 700!
I would say it was an emotional blackmail. Few persons would have the ability to back away from that situation, especially in front of family members who wanted to cherish those captured moments!
When I think about the experience, it seems strange that there was no fixed rule for pricing. Initially, we were told that the studio would not provide us any soft copies other than those that we ordered as framed image. However, after we decided to order three framed images (emotional decision), they agreed to supply us four other soft copies $100 each (my pre-teen daughter liked those)! It was also disturbing that there was very little opportunity to think rationally (or compare price with other studios) as they "cannot hold the soft copies unless ordered" and you had to decide immediately!
I have since written to the company who gave us the voucher to let them know that we ended up with bitter, emotionally exhaustive experience. Just wondering how this $800 voucher scheme is going on for so long despite so many people posting similar experiences in the forums!
Gap Studio should have an itemized price list - the sales person was dodgy and did not provide us all the price options beforehand. We had to always ask for more information to make a decision! We would have been happy to get just a good family portrait; instead, we ended up spending more due to the tricky situation.
I really wish that I did a little research and saw those similar, negative comments before booking our photo session at the GAP photo studio.

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    Sorry, the date would be 9 February 2019!

Feb 11, 2019
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  • Ji
      18th of Feb, 2019

    I had the exactly similar situation and they are not cancelling my order, even they are not talking or answering the phones. I am going to take legal advice.

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