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I was in with my four children and my husband on sat. 8/15/09. I asked the manager about a bag that I had purchased from another location to always receeive 10% of each purchase. The manager kim told me I could not. I had previously used the bag and received my discount with other employees. I had my girlfriend go in afterwards and she was able to use the bag. I hate to say it nut she was white. I heard several associates say that she was normally like that and rude only to blacks. I did not appreciate it. I have always shopped in gap but after this incident I think my money will be spent elsewhere.,


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      Aug 16, 2009

    Stopping being a racist you probably didn't even have the bag with you but, are mad at Galleria so posted this phony crap up here. By the way racism is gone we have a black president as you may have forgotten.

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      Mar 19, 2011

    If you felt that you were treated unfairly in a store in any way, don't hesistate to contact customer service who will be more than willing to investigate the matter. I hope were getting all the facts here.

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