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N Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

I bought a 55" tv online on Friday the 24th November 2017 and made the payment same day. I was then emailed a request to provide a copy of my ID for tv licence verification, I emailed the ID copy immediately. On Saturday I called the contact number for game online and the switch board operators don't even answer the phone to even say hello. The first time they answers and said through to online and it rand unanswered. I called again then the kept of picking it and hanging up immediately and I called 5 times. Then on Sunday I called to no answers at all. Then today I called they just picked and forward my call I'm not sure to were and it rings none stop till it hangs up.

I logged in online a d create a support ticket about my complaint but till today it has not been responded to. I wrote an email again to online and still no reply. I am not even sure if I will get my t.v. or my r5150 is gone for good cause no one what's to talk to me. Where do I go and complain?


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      Nov 30, 2017

    Nonks, we have been struggling with the exact same issue. Keep on trying ans when you do get through speak to the supervisor.
    He/she will be able to assist you. The rest just keeps on lying with a different story every time.

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  • W
      Nov 30, 2017

    Absolutely horrible customer service! Waste of time and your delivery is taking more than a week to be delivered and the delivery company is equally rotten in service! I will make all effort from now on to never order from you again! Is not a recession it just bad business ethics!

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