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Good afternoon

We recently bought a fridge at one the game stores.

We bought the fridge and noticed it's a bit massive for our kitchen 1 week later we decided to return the fridge.

The delivery guys delayed the pickup of the fridge for 3 days, November 10 2018, they picked-up the fridge, we gave them 3numbers to call from incase they were unable to get hold of us.

One of the pickup guy's seemed to have an attitude, as soon I opened the gate he said what's wrong with the fridge I replied and said nothing is wrong with it we recently got a convenient sized fridge and we no longer need the one that we bought from game.

We were given a slip that guarantees our money back.

We had the box for them on our doorstep however they put the fridge on their truck/van without the box, please note if there are any scratches and marks on the fridge that will void guarantee please note that your delivery team decided not to use the packaging that was left for them that came with the fridge.

Game - Lansdowne

Noor Fortune - Western Cape - Retreat.

Nov 10, 2018

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