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On the 22.09.2018 i visited Game secunda as a browsing customer. I came across a 6 step ladder that had a promo price of R499 that was standing directly under it. It was reasonable and i took it to the till points. I was served by aphiwe guguwana at 15:48. She scanned the item and it showed that it was R799 i advised her that was not the price i saw. I explained that the ladder had a pink promo price directly underneath. She rang her bell and waited. I went to the aisle were i found the price and ladder and showed it to her. A bald african gentlemen came to assist her. He spoke in zulu telling her that theres the barcode so why is she calling him. He didnt greet nor did he have a name badge. He seemed very frustrated and irate. I explained to him that the ladder had a promo price directly underneath it at R499. He basically had a reprimanding and annoyed tone and stated the price is R999 i must not think i will get the ladder at that price as they are out of stock, and the space was empty. I got annoyed because if the space was empty i would not waste my time picking the ladder. I then asked him why the promo sign was not removed or an out of stock sign be placed there to avoid confusion. He then raised his voice and said we are not allowed to do that and walked away fuming. My question is that how Game staff treat their customers is that the level of service that Game offfers? I am in the retail business as well and you do not treat customers in such a rude manner.In this day and age no business can afford to lose a customer no matter how large or small a purchase is. I will not waste my time supporting any Game store as this is the 3rd incident of rude and appalling service.

Sep 23, 2018

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