Game Stores South Africa / bad service

Pretoria, South Africa

I visited the menlyn game store on the evening on the 16th december 2014. I purchased a number of items and then realised that I was incorrectly charged for one of the box of chocoloates I had purchased. I went to the cashier and she consulted a manager to request for the manager to check the item. The manager checked and indicated that the item was r109.00. She then took the item to another manager who was extremely rude and abrupt. He got up from his chair with an obvious point to prove and no consideration of giving me any sort of service. He pointed to the promotional item and said that the item with the green tag should be the item on promotion. I said to him that no item on the shelf had a green tag. He then showed me another box and I told him that this could not be the price of the item as it was cheaper than the promotional amount. I then asked him to show me exactly which item was r68. And odd cents. He scanned the item I bought and said it was r70 and odd cents. I told him then he overcharged me. He said no, the item was actually r109 and odd cents. I then said again, show me the item that was r68 and odd cents. He indicated that he did not know. He walked away and told me to lodge my complaint. I went back to get his name but found him hiding out in a office. I found him to be aggressive, rude and abrupt. I have been overcharged for my items and was treated extremely badly by your manager in the store. Please rectify this by instituting the correct disciplinary action against the rude manager and ensure that I get charged correctly for my items !!!

Game Stores South Africa

Dec 16, 2014

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