Gainsavers / Fraud - product &Bait & Switch&

3900 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 350, Long Beach, CA 90806 , Long Beach, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (562) 216-7180

Daughter ordered Apple iMac Desktop. Gainsaver pulled "bait & switch" sending older model with lower GHz Intel Core. Contacted Customer Server, spoke with Steve Harper who noted 15% restocking fee (roughly $144.45 on orginal $963 purchase) would be charged, despite the FACT error was 100% Gainsaver's.

Based on research, company's history is replete with examples of fraudulently filling orders with damaged or incorrect computer assets. Then when customers attempt to correct the order issues, Gainsavers charges additional shipping and 15% restock fees for their shipping errors. Despite the shipping error being completely Gainsavers, they "stick" customers with added charges. When discussing issue and mitigation next steps with Steve Harper, Sales Manager (i.e. Owner) he stated is was company policy and hung-up on me. Call back illicited similar response, rude hang-up. Per PublicData and online research, fraud appears to be common approach at Gainsaver. Strongly recommend NOT doing business with this person!

Gainsaver "bait & switch" tactics of showing one product online, documenting via Invoice the correct product, and then shipping a lesser valued one is fraud. In this case costing my young daughter $144 ... assuming she actually receives the remaining amount in refund (which is yet to be seen).

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