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Future Shop / PSP not worth the price!

1 Canada Review updated:

Purchased 600.00 monitor. At the time also purchased their PSP - 5 year warranty in case there was in issues, always like to be safe then sorry. A year and half later there is issue with monitor. Take it back to Futureshop, warranty in hand. They send it away to see if it can be fixed - 4-6 weeks later, called back. Monitor can't be fixed, with the warranty they can replace it with a comparable product. Went to Futureshop today. There is nothing comparable to the monitor, the only one that came close was 999.00 - 27 inch. My original one was 599.99 (out of box)- 21 inches, with 4 USB ports, SV inputs, and the screen could rotate. Their warranty says, replacement with a comparable item. Too bad they don't actually mean it. I was losing a couple of features from my original, but I thought great, 27 inches is nice. We get up to the return counter, and they balked. They would give us an in store credit for the one we had purchased and that was it. Forget it. We got our money back, plus the cost of the useless PSP warranty. Total they paid us back was $885.00. We would have paid out an additional $300 for another warranty, plus we are looking at getting a Sony Alpha package ($1500.00 approx.). Well, we are not going to buy it from Futureshop. We have spent literally thousands of dollars there. Not 1 more cent am I going to drop there. It's too bad they treat the customers the way they do. In the end they lose out on money, but I'm sure there will be other suckers to replace us. I pity them.

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  • Hs
      2nd of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    If u didn't have the warranty, you would have not gotten the store credit at all. Right now you would be standing with NOTHING. Because you bought the extended warranty, you at least got your money back. You can use that money to purchase a brand new monitor or anything you would like to buy in the store. I had problem once, but i was happy to receive the store credit, since i can just buy a new one. Also, you could have went to a different location and asked if they had the same monitor in stock, for exchange.

  • Ch
      10th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Are you on crack? They were offering to give you store credit towards a new one? You wanted a more expensive monitor than the one you got to begin with and made a fuss when they said no? The stipulations of the PSP (Read the pamphlet and you'll see. It's your responsibility to read the terms) say that when a replacement is in order you get a similar spec'ed model UP TO A MAXIMUM of what you paid for the monitor being replaced. When that cannot be arranged store credit is in order. So You paid a little bit of cash for a warranty that would have saved you $600 and you still aren't happy?

    So lets recap.

    You wanted a model worth 300 more.
    In my experience you would have been given a model with better quality and contrast ratio and resolution than the one that broke (specs change and get betters so fast on monitors in just a year)
    You took hard earned money out of the salesman's pocket because you wanted to get something worth more instead of working with them on a realistic resolution.

    To me. the PSP contract was doing it's job to the "T". Since they gave you back FULL purchase price of monitor and warranty I think they went way above and beyond what they should even be accountable to do for you and now you wish to defame them and swear to never shop with them again?

    Cripes it's no wonder salesmen are starting to get grumpier at these places

  • Cr
      30th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    wow man you are an idiot.. futureshop not only honored there contract with you. after you complained they refunded the money you payed for the warranty. and your complaining about them??????????????????? it sounds to me that you should be thanking them... its good your not shopping at futureshop anymore cause they don't need dicks like you at there stores...

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