Fruit Of The Loom / women's breathable bikini item no. 4dbbik1 4dbbik1 - skin reaction

Rockwall, TX, United States
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First of all, these are granny panties. Meaning they are no wear close to "bikini" looking. Might want to re-think the labeling on those. But that's not a huge deal. My other concerns are much larger. I bought the smallest size you have.??

I just wanted to inform fruit of the loom before this happens to other people wearing this product. I am not trying to fish for money, scam the company, or anything malicious. Just want to ensure safety of those buying your products.

Anyways! I bought these the "bikini" breathable panties, and every time I wear them, I get huge irritation and rash in the private area they cover. I do not have skin problems and I am not "sensitive" to anything. After repeated confirmations/occurrence's, I have since thrown them away. As they were huge, it wasn't difficult parting with them. However, hoping fruit of the loom re-evaluates whatever materials those things are made of! Item no. 4dbbik1 4dbbik1

Feb 2, 2017

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