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Sydney, New South Wales, AU
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I can't add a service in the section my service. I tried to do it from last september 2016. I don't understand why i'm not allowed to add the service. I've just sent a request again 2 days ago and I got the same answer "service unavailable". My profile is filled and updated, I have positive reviews, my payment, phone, email and identity are verified and I don't have any record of copyright infringement during my work as a freelance designer in freelancer. com. I saw another member that has just registered last february that has added his service even though he doesn't have the payment verified and I notice looking at other freelancers profile that very often more then one verifications is missing but they were still able to add their service!

I can't really promote my service and i'm not visible in the freelancer. com search section when potential clients look for freelancers. This is a real disadvantage for me.

The customer service has answered to me several times that the service is unavailable and they'll let me know when it will be reactivated. Last february I asked to tell me at least a date on when the service will be reintroduced but the employee wasn't able to tell me. I'm waiting for the last 6 months to add my services. They keep saying that the service isn't active but new users activate their service just after been registered in freelancer. com!

Their answers show how the deal with customer in a corporate way, they're trained to give always the same answer, without giving any date of making extra effort to sort the problem, especially when the service is in reality still active!

I attached the screenshot of freelancer. com answers, if you're curious to see them.

In freelancer. com I have plenty of banners advertising monthly membership and I am literally bombarded by them of their membership offer. I can't stop it because I will stop the rest of the mail too regarding contest etc.. That I need

The amount of fee charged to freelancer are so many basically you paid 10% fees on your profit, you pay 0.50 to seal your contest entry, 0.50 to highlight the entry and the most shocking thing is that you pay to get your skills certification!!!

My last job was $10, 00, from time to time I do small budget jobs on the side of bigger jobs. Freelancer. com charged me €5, 00; it's 50% of my earning! Basically they charge 10% or a minim of €5 or $5.00 depending on your currency, if the 10% fee of the profit is under the €5, 00 that's a real robbery well done freelancer. com I really look forward to leave you !!!

It's very sad because my earning in freelancer is growing and my portfolio too but I don't have any other choice then leaving, I can no longer trust them.

Mar 09, 2017

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