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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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I work with freelancer for many years and I know that they are always greedy and also sometimes ###ed but this new experience really makes me give a good thought about renouncing working through them.

I've taken a 750$ project last week from a US client. immediately Freelancer's greediness kicked into my bank account and charged the 10% commission fee. The client released a 200$ milestone which I have in my freelancer account ...

I have made a withdrawal to paypal but surprisingly after 2 days ... freelancer tells me they cannot send the funds as the client is not yet verified. But they had no problems charging my account etc ... Anyway, the client sent them copy of passport and whatever [censored] they asked for ... freelancer replied they want proof he is currently in Thailand, Thailand Visa and passport page with the Thailand entry stamp :-| ###ed stuff to ask but the client sent them those as well. Now, after a week I still cannot withdraw my funds as freelancer didnt have time to check the documents sent by the client ... Meanwhile my freelancer membership was OK charged from the PROBLEM funds :) it seems the funds have problems if I want them and not if freelancer has some use for it.

I have made an ACCC complaint and will continue complaining to all relevant Australian and International Agencies that could help them get on the right path of a lesser degree of greediness and stupidity ...

All the best!

Jul 10, 2016

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