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Let me explain -upon my experience about php programming- how they cheat; As an employer you grant the project to a freelancer, you agree how to pay, assume that you will pay total sum in two milestones. Freelancer starts working, or she/he convinces you that he is working and in the middle of the project you must release 50% of the payment. Then he disappears. He ignores your messages and you can not reach him for several weeks. Finally you contact to support team. But it is useless, they just say that there must be an active milestone so that their "arbitration team" resolves the dispute. But in the meantime, you do not know if freelancer will accomplish the job, or he had an accident maybe in hospital, or maybe he is planning to cheat... So, your single alternative is to create a "dispute" by activating second milestone. But the result always be negative, even you win dispute, freelancer always wins money. For instance, let's say second milestone is 300$. While creating dispute you should indicate the sum that you agree to pay. Here is the trick: Even you write "1 $" or "299 $" it does not matter. Because freelancer will not answer to the dispute. After 4 days system automatically closes the case. Because he knows that from nobody reads the dispute case. So, he wins the money without doing any job. And you will never reach to "arbitration team" of, because they will say that you agreed with freelancer and he accepted your payments. Then, you are finished, blames you and they protect the cheater. Even freelancer admits that he will not do the job, you can not get your money back. Your sole chance is to sue him by going to local court in the country of freelancer. But they do not give you her/his identity information and official address. Well, maybe support team is also involved in scam process, or they are not able to report this serious problem to the supervisors... Anyway, you should think twice before announcing a project on web site of

Mar 25, 2017

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