Foschinicharles & keith store in menlyn mall

whom it may concern
I went to Charles & Keith store( Menlyn) to pay my account on the 24 November 2018, and purchase a bag.
The was only a casual in store, who did not greet me and could not assist me. She stated that no one was in store therefore she could not help me, I asked her to call them and she said No she won't call them.
The store manager Natasha and the sales advisor where not in store.
They came back minutes later after
I have been waiting, with a couple of things they had bought for the shops.
The sales advisor assist me .I asked their names, which they stated.
Natasha the store manager proudly said with an attitude, I quote.
"I'm Natasha, the store manager then they all laughed"
I walked away, as I was not about to step down to her level of unprofessionalism, that is her work place not the streets. She clearly doesn't know the difference. I believe a manager is a leader and I'm sure that is not want the company is promoting.
•My issue is this why did they both go shopping leaving only a casual in store.
They clearly did not even consider possibly of theft.
• No apology was rendered to me as I had been waiting, instead I get an attitude.
I ended up only paying my account and not purchasing anything from them because of their attitude and I must say it is not the first time.
I most definitely will not be shopping in that store because of the constant bad service I've been given. The fact that i work in the Mall does not give her the right to be disrespectful, I'm also a sales assistant and it is honestly annoying that when you go into a store you are undermined by other employees. As soon as I walk in the store I'm a customer and I expect to be treated in a professional matter.


Nov 24, 2018

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