Foschinibad reponse and service

L Apr 10, 2013

I Lekashni Sakalingum has reported MY PHONE STOLEN on da 18.02.2013 with the following information: police case number, affadavit, insurance proof silp, and was help by two lady staff who could not even fill in da forms, and was then told it was goin to be faxed right a way, and will get feedback in a weeks time and i dont need copies of the proof aslongs as we were a member, TWO WEEKS Later i went back to the store and was told its was still under investigation and i should wait, and was also given a number to call which never worked, its now two and a half months later and still no feedback, On da 3April my mother Renita Pillay da owner of the accound went back to da store and was told a claim was never made, and their is no record stated by staff members: DUDU and Noma promised to look for da paper work and should come back the next day, the next day i myself went to the store after campus, DUDU made me wait for one hole hour just to tell me she checked all da files and their is no proof of my claim and i should come back da next day again because headoffice is closed and she doesnt know what to do, and she den handed it over to another staff member Nkosane who was also of no help, i Requested to speak the Manager which required me to re apply and wait another 30 days for Approval and still pay access i am now sick of this lies why didnt they tell me in the two weeks wen i went back that my paperwork never went through but instead they lie to me and say its still under investigation! . my time, petrol up n down ticket money and airtime and still no feedback or reponse from Foschini im a very disapointed customer who is now taking Foschini up with Hello Peter

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