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28 May 2018
I am not a frequent flyer and rarely make use of the online booking facility, I feel it necessary to draw you attention to a practice that can be considered as misrepresentation. Page 2 of Flysafairbooking site offers three options of ticket: Lite, Standard and Premium. Having selected Lite, no baggage, page 4 then adds the baggage back in with the requirement to opt out, which is what one has done in the original selection of a Lite ticket.
I spoke with an operator who offered a voucher and then with a supervisor Thuli Sithole, who has committed to cancel the voucher and refund the addition of the baggage. Whilst my problem appears resolved, I believe this practice borders on fraudulent and is devised to increase the cost underhandedly. Such a sad practice for such a great airline!

FlySafair / Safair Operations
FlySafair / Safair Operations

May 28, 2018

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