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South Africa

I would like to lay a complaint about my flight. I checked in on line and got stack in traffic and called your help line to make changes for another later flight. This was 40 min before departure. I was told that at tgat point, i can only make changes once i got to the Airport.I got to the airport, went through the boarding gates, however got to departure entrance and was not allowed, flight had already closed. I proceeded to the help dest to make arrangements for another flight. The lady at the help desk adviced me to look at my options with other airlines as I really wanted to get home to Capetown, then come back to her and she would be able to make the changes for me after an hour. I got back to her 10 minutes after an hour and she then told me a different story, saying that she said within an hour and my ticket was forfeited.

Siyasanga Yolani Situate

Oct 26, 2018

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