Florida Department Of Revenueillegal bank levy

On March 2nd this year, all of a sudden my bank card stopped working. I found out that a levy had been placed on my account. This is curious because it is a joint account and I found out later that I have a legitimate cause for a legal case under the fourth and fourteenth amendment because I am an innocent party in the case. Nevertheless, we were told there is this one guy in the whole state of Florida that can help us. So we call him because it is clearly a wife has been paying support for seven months and last year I even pitched in $4000 more (didn't have to, but just to kind of make sure we were up to date...not my kid not my case...thus the illegal seizure etc...I was not given due process even if my wife was). So I call everyone and finally get a lady that tells me it is not unreasonable to expect a wait of two weeks to even have the matter addressed!!! What? What is unreasonable is to levy a bank account with no notice and no due process, then once you know someone is over a barrel, not resolve it very quickly. Now I have tried to give these people all the information they need. So that is part of my story...have called many people and just get voicemail...really? You just sealed my account! And you can't call back right away and at least tell me what you need?

Mar 04, 2016

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