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Florida Department Of Revenue / administrative support order

1 Cocoa, FloridaMelbourne, United States

I am a father of 3 beautiful children who I have always supported. Three years ago my children's mother moved to Florida and a year after that applied for food stamps lieing about how much I was paying her and my address. I have never missed a childsupport payment since we have been separated wich is why she never took me to court wich I can prove. Meanwhile I move to Florida and see my kids on a regular basis. One day I am at her house cooking my children dinner while she was at work. I found a letter from the department of revenue say they were going to garnish my wages for a obserd amount of almost $700 a week and that I owe around $35, 000 . I make on average around 1, 000 before taxes. I ask my children's mother about it she said she applied for food stamps then saw dollar signs and started a fight. Now because of that they are taking 50 percent of my paycheck for the last 6 months and now say I owe $38, 000 I had to hire a attorney praying to correct this situation. Now she is not letting me see my children who I have always been able to see she is thinking if she doesn't let me see them she will get more money when we go to court. I have always bought and paid for everything they have ever needed since they have been with her she didn't even have a job for years or pay a mortgage or rent were she lives. She shouldn't of even got food stamps in the first place she lied about her income and everything else. Now the department of revenue and there attorneys have showed up to my court dates fighting me and my attorney so that a judicial judge can't change the administrative order I am drowning and about to get custody of my children due to her being a horrible mother. Yet they won't even review my case or get me infront of the right judge so I can show them all the facts. This is beyond fraud I was never served by a sheriff turns out she put her mothers address as my address even though she knew were I lived. I never even knew that they were trying to get me to go to court. They can garnish my wages but they can't have me served at work? Meanwhile I don't even have enough gas money to get to work and pay all of my bills. How ever my children's mother has no bills pays no rent her father left her a house that was paid off. While taking $600 a week from me while she and her boyfriend work and have no bills and recives food stamps.

Oct 31, 2018

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