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I tried to book through FlipKey for a cabin listed under Celia B several times. The first time I booked, the rate was advertised as $521 for a weekend. Once I submitted my payment, Celia B messaged me stating that the rate was incorrect, and added on another $200 for my stay. I explained to her that that was the rate advertised and she should honor the amount agreed to, however she chose to deny my booking and stated that the site wasn't up to date and therefore I needed to rebook and pay an additional $200 for the trip. Even though I felt it highly unreasonable, I had already committed to this trip and was going to take my boyfriend for a Christmas surprise. I tried to pay the full amount again, and had my trip booking denied again for no apparent reason.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Big Bear Lake, CA I messaged Celia B several times and she would not respond, so I contacted FlipKey who told me the owners have to accept the payment and they have nothing to do with the response. The whole setup with that site was bad from the start. People don't get back to you, and the owners are pretty unprofessional and rude. Here is her final message to me

Big Bear's Finest Luxury Retreat, Near Ski Resorts
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Owned by Celia B
: Message from: Celia B
Hi Jennifer, I'm sorry, but I'm unable to take this booking. I hope you find somewhere else to stay instead. Best wishes.

Totally unacceptable considering I was still willing to pay her escalated rate. What a horrible experience! I would never try booking through this woman again, and the site is also pretty sketchy too!

Dec 26, 2014
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      Dec 26, 2014

    Travelers must realize that unless you are booking directly with the supplier (hotel, cabin, condo, etc) as in calling their direct number or booking directly on their live site, than you might not be dealing with real time inventory. If you choose to go through a third party, you must realize that the rates and inventory are not always real time. There is no such thing as one set price in the travel industry which is why rates are usually listed like "from $79/night" or similar wording. Rates in the travel industry change constantly, sometimes daily, based on demand and inventory. While this situation is sometimes frustrating, if you choose to book through a third party, it isn't right to blame that third party as they have nothing to do with rates or inventory. I can't tell by this complaint that Flipkey did anything wrong and it is equally likely that the traveler didn't bother to read the "fine print".

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