Flipkart / series of wrong consignments by flipkart

First of all Congratulations to flipkart team for hat trick. Sheer disappointment thrice. ( Inspite of my complaints and writing mails)
This is in regards with following mentioned order no.

1. Order no : OD30287686289227100.
2. Order no : OD002915654282857000.

3. Order no : OD30288982778800000
4. Order no : OD302732291590687800

Find the attached file for what i had ordered and what i have received.
1. In case of Order no : OD30287686289227100, i had ordered the same top as Order no : OD002915654282857000.( refer attached pic) . After seeing what I have received, i asked for a returned and i scheduled a delivery date. But they said order is cancelled and asked me to place a fresh order. I did that on their request and in a hope to receive a right product. But i received the same dull top which i had received earlier.

2. OD30288982778800000, after 4 days from placing a order, seller realized that he is out of stock and SELLER cancelled my order. So again on request from flipkart i placed a new order. [OD302732291590687800] ( Product was IN STOCK all of sudden with seller within next 15 minutes)

I request a stringent action to be taken on flipkart for fooling customers. They put up something nice on the site and sent some terrible material on delivery.

May be i had raised my voice against them can be the reason to annoy me.

Hoping the positive feedback.

Thanks and Regards,
Apurva Ghutukade


May 25, 2015

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