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My name is Bryan, and I have been a member for quite some time now and I have to say its one of the best adult dating sites available. I notice all of these fling fraud posts online and I don't agree with them at all. I've never had some super-hot girl try to get me to upgrade my membership. I saw this today and thought to myself, this woman's nuts. So I have to tell you guys about how it REALLY is on Fling.

I found Fling a while back and quite honestly its the best way of meeting new people in different areas of the country, I travel a lot and its great to have a site that I can log-in to and find a real girl, interested in exactly what I am. They usually know the area and where the hottest places in town are and I always end up having a blast and meeting so many new people. I've never once thought that fling was any sort of a fraud.

The site has so many members and profiles. I've never once had anyone try to scam me of money or take my personal info. This site is definitely no fraud. With the fact that it has so much popularity and so many members there are going to be weirdo people and people whose intentions are other than what they say. You just can't help it when your part of such a large community. I even upgraded my membership to gold a few months into it after meeting some really awesome girls who are now good friends of mine and have been really enjoying the site ever since.

I just think that people need to stop being so critical about the site just because they're not getting the types of responses that their looking for. You gotta get into it and talk and chat and be yourself. When you get hit up by weirdo people trying to talk to you about money, delete it! It happens. Your never gonna have a site where every person is who they say they are. We don't live in that type of a society. So to those of you wondering about Fling, give it shot! Its well worth it and you'll see its no fraud.

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  • Do
      1st of Apr, 2009

    ###! this site even goes so far as to write ### on complaint sites!

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  • Ge
      19th of May, 2009

    yeah right...i have worked as a computer tech for over 16 years and all of my computers are safe and well guarded and i rarely get so much as a warning from the software protecting my computers, but less than 12 hours after setting up my profile and browsing there site i was alerted of a trojan trying to take over my pc...coincidence, i dont think so and maybe you can expain why the same pic is listed under different profiles with different locations? what a joke this site is...

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  • Ge
      20th of Jul, 2009

    the site is a total joke if you ask me, i am also been working with computers for over 16 years and i immediately was alerted by my snifer software right after being on the site for less than 24 hours and my computers are notoriously clean and kept that way, so i know when and where the infections/spyware comes from...well i have been on there quite a few months now and still refuse to sign up, i even gave the admins guff for cutting up what i wrote in my profile, stating that if it happened again i would definitely not be signing up...i now have 18 friends in my network from all over the world, even and they keep sending me a dollar off joining the gold program...hahaha. they also send me "special" deals for signing up to their sister sites like ulust and adult friend finder. not trying to be harsh with you fellas, but you really should think, before giving out your credit card number to sites like this. i think i will keep my free membership for a little while longer just to see what other wonderful discounts and lovely ladies want to be in my network...this is fricken hilarious...all i have to do is visit the site and the next thing you know my email blows up with invites and ladies checking out my obvious its funny...buyer beware folks, they know how to play us and it seems to be working for most that i see posted not trial it accept for the free stuff, do it for over a month and i bet you will see a pattern emerge...oh and make sure you check your computer for fleas and have good preventive maintenance in place BEFORE you surf on over to check it out...

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  • St
      21st of Nov, 2009

    BS. I tried out a few months ago and even went and registered a fresh new email from yahoo that could only be used for the site. I even paid for a gold for a month. I will say that I did get hit on by a few babes at that but they were Pros looking to be paid for sex. In fact I have to say that they are probably a good way to find a babe to hook up with sex for pay. I didn't want to sign up again after that first month and there was no way to have the recurring charge stopped from their website and you have to actually call a customer service rep to not be billed again. Ok ok that is fine and all as I did get the recurring charge stopped and that is good as there are sites that will keep billing you for a long time.

    Then lo and behold I noticed that the throw away email I had made especially for to start getting a ton of spam going to it with many special offers from fling to try sister sites. That is ok I guess but I noticed something that to me is sinister. I noticed that much of the spam had my correct name fully that could only have been gievn to them by from my info I sent when I registered and paid by my credit card. Thsi is reprehensible to say the least. I expect my user name to be spammed and even the email as that is why I made a new throw away one especially that site but to see that they gave out my billing info is too much and showed me they are ###. I would say that anyone needs to stay away from this site at all costs.

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