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Penticton, BC, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 250-486-0141

The following is a copy of an email sent to Flight Centre Marketing. We never received the courtesy of an answer.

We recently returned from a cruise to Alaska that was booked through
your Penticton BC office. When I originally made contact it was with
the manager. I quickly found that she was not the one to be dealing
with. I made many trips in from out of town only to find that she was
away from the office. Because we spend the winters in the US, it was
necessary to contact her by email none of which were ever answered.
When we returned in the spring it finally got to the point where I had
to request that someone else look after me. His answer was that he
didn't know where to find the file. Because I had seen where your
manager had put the file once I told him and he did find it. Many of
the people in the group were very unhappy with the service. When I had
the gentleman check to make sure everyone was assigned a room on the
ship it was found that one couple did not have a room assigned and
they had paid for their room in full. Upon contacting the Cruise Line
they said there were no rooms available so that had to be sorted out.
It was the 10th anniversary of our Choir and there were 32 people that
took the cruise. We were told that there would be a room with a piano
that we could use which turned out not to be true. The crew was kind
enough to find us a spot in a club during the off hours so we could
get together. Upon our return it was found that we had been given the
wrong disembarking time by your office and I had to scramble to change
the pick up time by the bus line that was chartered. I am enclosing
some comments that I have received regarding dealings with your

Re Flight Center: I travel extensively and I would never use Flight
Center again nor would I recommend it to anyone. Communication was so
poor it created high stress levels. In the end we didn't have baggage
tags when we went to board the ship and believed until the last minute
we were going to have to lug our luggage long distances. When I drove
to Penticton and went into Flight Center to sort out my ticket, no one
seemed to know anything and I was told to come back again.
Fortunately, Isabel eventually got the tickets for me.

Feel free to edit, Isabel. The main point is I'd never use them again.
Thanks for all the hard work you did to make the cruise possible. It
would have been a lot easier on you with a good travel agent.
Cheers, Marion

Linda Bartram
Isabel, you can include my name regarding lack of follow through on
agreed upon actions such as putting through the VISA payment or
getting back to me with requested information. There was no apology
for this delayed action/response when I finally got a hold of her. I
will not deal with Flight Centre again.

I really didn't have a lot of contact with the Flight Center - my main
complaint would be that Hayley didn't follow through on statements.
"I will drop it in the post" meant that I would need to pick it up! I
think that you took the brunt of the problems so thank you for that!

Jim & Marilyn Cade
Dear Isobel, due to your hard work I have no complaints about our
Alaska trip, when you told how hard it was to deal with Hailey at
Flight center, the mix up with the rooms, the mistake about our
arrival times in Vancouver, I was amazed at how incompetent Hailey
was. I really enjoyed our trip and really appreciate the work you did
to make it so much fun. Marilyn Cade

To sum up, it was not a pleasant experience dealing with your
Penticton Mgr. When organizing a tour group I am sure you will agree
that it is imperative to be able to trust your agent to look after
things to the best of their ability. This was not the case and the
stress of not knowing if things were going to go without a hitch was
constantly there. I would hope that you will take steps to try to
improve the situation in Penticton.

Thank you.


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