Flight Center / Misleading, bad attitude, non-disclosure

United States

I expected to get flights at 'the best available price', and upon being told I had, I was pressured into paying for the flights as soon as possible or I'd almost certainly lose them. One would however feel safe with this decision knowing that Flight Centre 'actively promotes a set of values...including honesty', and of course offers the cheapest available price. Quoting airline websites and search engines, including some of the airlines I was ticketed for, my trip should be costing me at least $1000 less than what I was charged. My invoice specifies flight costs but doesn't specify how much or what percentage is clearly taxes. Nor was it specified that Flight Centre does not ticket all available airlines (and therefore is unable to recognise 'the best available price'). I was then refused a refund by an aggressive consultant regardless of the fact I had been misinformed. If Flight Centre employees practised the values endorsed in the Code of Conduct (honesty, integrity and transparency) then I would have been informed prior to making the payment that I am paying hidden fees and charges. Additionally, the service was terrible. I'm waiting for a proactive response and my refund.


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