Flex Seal / Shipping and handling scam

United States

Flex Seal & their new product appropriately “Slick Fix”. This is ### operating a scam. It’s beyond decptive, being charged $85 on an initial order which is advertised at $19.99 + s/h – good luck on that! As well as not being able to cancel an order immediately online or by contacting customer service. Then being told “It’s too late it’s already been charged and is in the shipping dock” all within a couple of hours – amazing! This organization is beyond SLICK. I’m then informed I have to return the package at my expense via a tracking system shipping service. I can’t refuse delivery and send it back by their non-trackable method of shipping.

Can it get any more rediculous? I had contacted the bank prior to contacting their Customer Service (now there’s another joke) only to be told by the bank that there’s nothing they can do, as the charge hadn’t yet shown as posted or pending, and so to call back and follow up and check, which I did several hours later only to be told the charge had now been posted to my credit card, and I can’t do anything about it except go through the “appropriate” channels of disputing the charge……….GGGGGGrrrrrrrr!!!


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