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First Source Advantage


Law breaking

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Amherst, New York
United States
First Source Advantage banks on the fact that most consumers do no know the laws or their rights. I for one know both. This company has violated my rights and Public Law Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. They started calling me in December of 08 offering a settlement on an old outstanding account. I accepted the settlement and told them if my Christmas bonus was enough I would pay this on Dec 27. I then started receiving at least 3 calls a day asking me to put this on a post dated check. I refused to do so as I dont have a checking account nor would I write it when I dont even know if the money would be there. I then received a notice on Dec 18th that I had given them a post dated check in the amount of the settlement. I called them and stated I received this letter but I had not given them a check the man stated that he knew that he used someone else banking information in order to "hold the settlement for me" I was so shocked that he did this that I informed them that I would not be paying this bill thru them and I ordered them to cease and desist all communications with me at that time. I also informed them that every call they made to me cost me money as they were calling my cell phone and that the FDCPA states that their actions may not cause me to incure any cost. From that day on I started receiving phone calls from them at least 10 times a day including 17 phone calls on Christmas Eve. I called them again and informed them that they were put on notice to cease and desist all calls to me as every call they made to me after that was a violation of the law. I also informed them that the law states making a phone ring in order to harass a consumer is a violation and I felt harassed by so many phone calls a day. The other problem I was having is the FDCPA gives me the right to sue a debt collection company and the debt collector individually for any violation but First Source Advantage makes their calls from and their incoming calls go to India. I do not have the ability to sue, depose, or otherwise bring action against an individual in India so again my rights under the FDCPA are being violated. On Thursday January 8th I received 12 calls that morning and was getting very frustrated. Then I received a call from my sister stating that they called her and gave her my name, address, social security number, home phone number and cell phone number and then told her what bill they were collecting on. The FDCPA states they can only call a third party for location information. Since they gave her all that information they already knew this information and had no right to call her. Also, the third party disclosure of the fact that I had a bill and which one it was is just another example of the gross misconduct of this company. At that time I called again very irate. I spoke with a Mr Mconnely and he admitted he third party disclosed and said "hey it worked you called us back." I tried to politely ask him to again cease and desist and he refused stating they would continue to call me and my family until I paid my bill. Then he stated they would involve the local police department as the check I gave them by phone bounced. I told him to call the police as I had not given him a check he said yes you did and I have it on tape. I asked him to play the tape for me as I have no checking account and he is accusing me of committing bank fraud and he refused. I instructed him to keep that copy available as my attorney will want to hear it and ended the call. About an hour later I was called to the hospital as my daughter was taken in for possible gall bladder attack. While at the hospital still on Thursday they called me 2 more times. Friday rolled around and I received less calls than usual only 5 that day. I answered all 5 told them I was at the hospital and to again never call me again but yet it continued. I informed them again that under the FDCPA you can only make one unsolicited contact with a consumer a day and I had already spoke with them several times and this was yet another violation of my rights. I returned home Saturday morning from the hospital ready to get some rest and at 8:14 in the morning they called me again. I asked for the compliance officer and they refused I asked again to speak with someone in America and they refused. He did admit to all of the fraud and violations and claims they will not call me again but did tell me they were going to take me to court. Frustrated I reminded him he was in India and had no jurisdiction over me and pleaded with him to get an Ohio attorney and file against me as I would love to see them in court. My course of action is to post this story on every complaint board I can find, I will be filing a complaint with the Ohio and New York Attorney Generals offices, the BBB, and hopefully filing suit against this pathetic company in a court of competent jurisdiction. I have been in collections as a manager for 15 years and I would never tolerate such ignorance of the law. I hope that someone in our government takes note that allowing collection agencies to violate the laws and hide behind the fact that their agents are in India and cant be sued personally is bad for the American consumer and bad for a badly needed industry, Good legal bill collectors.
I had just completed writing this and was getting ready to send it as I received my third call of the day still on saturday the 10th and it is not even 9 am yet. I asked him why he was calling me and he said cause your a ### and I wanted to tell you to suck my dick. I hung up the phone sent this letter and now intend to call the police.
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N  9th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes

First Source Advantage - sueing for settled account
first source advantage
205 bryant woods south
New York
United States
Phone: unknown

I settled an account with capital management services in 2004 for almost half what my debt was, never recieved settlement letter, now being sued for almost my original debt
D  25th of Jan, 2009 by    -2 Votes
any which ways u owe thnm money sd u hv to pay on any circumstances u people just criba nd cre that u dnt hv job dnt hv ..mny...sd what u were doing till the time ur a/c got charged off.. its ur fault..
N  5th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
A  19th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am currently dealing with FirstSource. We had to give back my car do to financial situation we had contacted the company that financed the loan and they would not lower the payment to keep us in the car we had no other choice! Since that time First Source has called us at home, at that time they told my husband we will settle your dept for half the amount but you have to pay it now he then we on to tell my husband that he needed his checking account and routing number and my husband said I cant give you that kind of money are you guys that stupid I would have kept the car if I had it. He then tells my husband he wont except the amount we offered to pay. It has to be more. It was at this point that I told my husband give me the phone and I said to the "SUPERVISOR" I dont know who you are and how do I know you are who you say you are. I have nothing to look at, he then states well we sent you a letter I responded well I dont have it and Im not giving you anything over the phone and I want a letter stating that you are denying the amount of our payment and that we are settling for half of the amount he stated 'NO' I wont give that to you in writing. I responded back, well then we have nothing more to say until I have something in writing and I will have our attorney look at the letter you say you already sent to us. The letter that we did recieve clearly states that we have 30 days to respond, and as you can tell from above they contacted us before we got anything and have been calling everyday ever since. They target my hasband cell phone everyday at work until we can meet with our attoney we dont answer the calls if they are being made to the house show up as unknown and when the machine picks up no message is left. I for one will not put up with their crap. FIGHT BACK!!! We are trying to make good on this dept but his company wants blood.
A  31st of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have a very small credit card that I haven't paid due to income limitations (call me crazy, but I pay my mortgage first, and put food on my table...) I spoke with someone once, and explained that I didn't get paid for a couple more weeks, and that I would be sending my payment to the credit card company that I owed the money to. After this call, they continued to call me EVERY DAY at least 10-12 times. (I finally stopped answering my phone altogether.)

Today, they called AGAIN. They said that I told them I would be sending a money order to them. Uh, no. That's not what I said. I told them I get paid next week and would be sending something to the credit card company itself, since they are still sending me statements. The guy I spoke with got very upset at that (because they get a commission on whatever they actually collect, and I'm taking money out of their pockets). he got really nasty and said "well, that's fine - if that's what YOU want to do. But, in 6 months, when you're still getting calls from us, we tried to tell you..." Then he proceeded to try to get me to do a check by phone TODAY.

This company is probably the most unprofessional and rude one I've ever dealt with.
A  15th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I spoke with one gentleman at this company who was patient and let me explain my situation. I took his name and reference number and he said he would be in contact in a month. Not more than a week later I get a call from someone who wouldn't repeat his name when I asked him to repeat. I told him of my previous conversation with his associate but he just interrupted and told me that unless I could give him payment right then they were going to send this to the court. Once again I told him I couldn't pay the amount he demanded but a small portion as my income is 1/4 of what it was previously...the idiot refused my payment offer. He quickly told me that my refusal to pay would result in me paying all the attorney and court fees than hung up.
N  7th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I just checked my credit report as I am trying to buy a home. This is the only negative thing on my bureau and they can't even answer what it is. They tell me it is for a medical bill in another state. I have never been to the said hospital that they are charging me for. I am a debt collector and I know my rights. I do think we should have to pay our bills and as unfortunate as it is "job loss" is a risk we are aware of when we charge items. I collect for a certain hardware store and the things people charge are not necessities. I don't know where to go from here with the debt. I have disputed it. I have never even recieved a bill from this company. You would think they would send me a bill so they could get there money versus letting it charge off. Had I not pulled my credit report, I wouldn't have noticed the account. Beware of faulty collectors and know your rights. Also know that it is your debt and no one forced you to charge these things. Answer the phone and be polite, as those collectors can help you or harm you.
D  28th of Dec, 2009 by    -2 Votes
alright listen..first of all this is all a mess understand us bill collectors have to do our job by client standards!..not our decesion so dont blame the agency were just following standards set by the client..we have no control over this we are just trying to stay employed..if someone says theyll call u in a month..theyre lieing..we are required..varying upon the states..to call at least 2 times a week at res numbewrs and 1 a week at poe (place of employment)..so dont blame us..second of all everything is recorded but we wouldnt call three times a day unless we havent made contact you..by law we are aloud to do so..so..stop crying..pay ur bill..and you wont recieve anymore calls..its a simple deal!
N  9th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
WATCH WO WE KNOW!!!-I hope more ppl that have had simular things like this done to them start telling everyone. I AM FED UP WITH every1 blaming= debtors*$ & collectos*actions COLLECTORS R going to far when they say "PAY UR BILLS" "STP CRYING" ITS UR FAULT"thats a personal statement NOT JUST DOING UR JOB and then those who wanna pick on any1's spelling just dont have a gd come back (come on, 4 real) NO 1 IS PERFECT duh; But no need to lie to creditors or cunsumers!!! THEY CAN NOT CALL U AT WORK (like they told me they could ) IF U TELL THEM ITS NOT ALLOWED< TH EY CANT CALL AT CERTAIN TIMES if u tell them what good time to call is. I understand they read a script & get told 2 do things a certain way
BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how MOST COLLECTORS handle the situation, if the person gets mad tell them its just company policy & they personally understand. IN LIFE s*** HAPPENS if YOU r human than u know how humanity goes * when $ is short prioritys come 1st. think outside the box- money is not worth a life, life is not all about $,
( a child died yesterday & creditor says 2 the mom pay ur bills & calls will stop)
( a debtor yells at the collector saying "get a real job punk" not knowing the collector was on wheels= disabled)
A  9th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have been a Credit/Collections Supervisor/Manager for over 20yrs. First Source Advantage however, does indeed break the law. My son-n-law lost his job and has been out of work for over a year now. They have still been able to pay ALL of their bills on time except for one credit card -now turned over to First Source Advantage. They call my house relentlessly. Just this morning I kindly told the lady to remove my number because my daughter did not live in my home and this was not my debt. She flat refused to do so. I will indeed be reporting them as soon as I finish typing this comment!
Perhaps we should post the FDPCA guidelines for all to reveiw since apparantly some do not know the laws and yet claim to be "bill collectors".
SoHail, you do not need to comment here if you cannot speak the comman language.
Watchaknow, you are correct in that we bill collectors have a job to do. However, if we are professional bill collectors, we WILL follow the law -regardless of what our company may tell us is "standard procedure". If you work for a company like First Source Advantage, I would suggest you report them! You can be sued yourself so be careful when making those dreaded calls.
We all know that making your house payment, transportation, utilities and keeping food on the table is the most important. Everything else is just "stuff". Most Americans are in deep debt over the need for "stuff". However, there are a few that had the income to pay for this "stuff" until the economy took it's recent turn. I would bet many of these folks had perfect credit -as someone mentioned above, never late on any bills unil they or a spouse lost their job.
The economy turn has hopefully taught us all NOT to go in debt. Pay CASH for the "stuff" and we wouldn't have these problems. Of course then us bill collectors would be out of jobs and we would be getting calls to pay for our "stuff"!
Yes, I am a collector but I DO NOT use threats or harrasing phone calls to get paid. I treat people the way I would want to be treated. Believe me, you get much, much farther this way. I have met and exceeded ALL of my monthly collection goals using this tactic! It works and it's the honorable thing to do!
Everyone needs to "chill"...AND Ignore First Source Advantage and others like them. When and IF you're actually sued and have to appear in court, you can always make a deal then with the attorney or even with the judge!
Have a great day!!...and DON'T Charge it if you don't have the CASH to pay for it!
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This agency, First Source Advantage, is using phone numbers they get from where ever to go fishing for the person they are attempting to collect dept from. The ###s, Jason, called a police officers department cell phone number and had been leaving messages for some other person. It appears that the person that they wanted to collect dept from is pretty smart or First Source Advantage is very dumb because the phone number is in the police departments name? The cop called them and got the run around he already knew they were a collection agency so the funny thing is that their are laws outside of collection laws in that state that this company is in violation of by doing this. Think about this, a misleading phone call, using the number to fish for the person, no collection letter, not clearly identifying as a collection agency, and you call the police department to do it all. These people are calling and harassing others looking for another person and they are stupid enough to call the cops and play out there activity...Priceless. After hearing this story I looked up the company name and man, they have a ton of complaints with this type of activity done to everyday citizens .
A  10th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
there is the United Consumer Advocacy Network (UCAN) their web address is ucan.net. They are a tremendous help and protect your rights for NO cost. Creditors are NOT legally allowed to contact ANY member of your famliy or call your work IF they have a valid phone number for you. There is also a limit to the amount of times per day they can call you.

This REALLY helped me out. First Source was calling me AT LEAST 10 times a day AND I could not understand a thing he said. SUPER FRUSTRATING! He refused to put someone else on the phone stating he was assigned to my account. Well, didn't have money so I stopped answering the calls. They then began calling my parents and work in an attempt to embarass me (which it did) in order to get me to return calls.

That is when I did some research and learned of UCAN. I contacted them and the calls completely stopped ALL together.

I strongly suggest anyone to utilize their services if you are in the same position as me. BIG RELIEF!
A  18th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
First Source has been pursuing my attention for a nonexistent debt. I have verified with the supposed initiating agency that the debt simply does not exist.

I strongly believe consumers should file a class action lawsuit against First Source. I'm surprised that they can remain in business, considering their unlawful practices.

If there are any attourneys in the audience, you would probably make a decent amount of money off all this, so please take steps to contact this agency's "customers". :D

There is no reason for this agency to contact ME - and yet they do. I don't believe they actually have my full soc - as long as I see nothing on my credit report, I'm happy.

I figure eventually they have to stop calling, since I was never actually reported to collections, but I am taking steps to bring the rod down on them. They do not follow the law, and in cases like mine, they are actively breaking the law by attempting to steal.
N  21st of Feb, 2010 by    -2 Votes
u ###in americans only know how to use money and not to pay the bill on time---bcoz of u guys banks like wahingtonmutal and other financial organistion has files for bankruptcy---what u guys have to do just use the money in lust then go and declare bankruptcy
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I used to work at first source advantage. They teach in training about how to not break the law and tactics on how to still hit goal by being a caring individual. However most of the senior staff no longer gets quality monitored so they can say basically anything they want, managers of these associates turn a shoulder, well because the money they bring in helps the manager bonus. They get all your info, and relatives names through different skip tracing tools. If you ever recieved a bill or ordered any credit at a location you better expect for that address to get a letter/phone call to anyone who lived in that address in the last 5 years They can call you as many times as they want as long as they dont leave a voice message, after one message they cant call back. First Source is a crappy company and thats why I left. I heard the illegal things senior associates said. FYI They are based out of Mumbai India. The owners sold themselves to ICICI inc from Mumbai back in 04-05. If you want a cease and decist you must write a letter and send it to the company. Vocally expressing your dissatisfacting will not stop them from calling. Good Luck, and Pay your Bills on time if you can!
N  11th of Apr, 2010 by    -3 Votes
I am pretty sure that the buy who commented above me is a pathetic loser because he himself defaults bills. i don't know why you guys complaint so much... first of all you guys don't pay your bills and then when someone comes asking for their money you feel you are violated... how is that fair... why don't you guys pay your bills to avoid this to begin with... i understand there may be tough times, but if you owe something you don't have the right to complaint about anything... owing money to someone and stealing money is both the same if you look at it.

ps: i am not a bill collector... i pay my bills on time.
D  16th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
TO^^"neyers" I am very anger that you have this kind of an approach towards a serious problem. Id like to speak with you more, or anyone more about these kinds of matters.
Im not on either side but come on if we are all grown ups then why do we call each other names. What goes around comes around. But you "neyers" I hope u get the chance to understand the whole system of "bills and Loans" Approval. Borrowing getting a credits card is a process itself, in hopes to build a credit line. And No - "when someone comes asking for there money"like u stated { thats not as easy as u think. Do u think most ppl want to have bad credit? Yes, i feel I/we R ALL are violated when the bill collectors push for you to pay over the phone "even after we say i cant pay today. We live in the united States of America - Thats who sets ur limits for ur job, and gives us our rights. So sry MY AMERICA says that there are rights you are (collectors) violating.
Where u from again / dont u know our laws?/ Not all if u r bad but those bad apples on ur end like the (collector's) attitude representation & HONESTY. Its not fair how the whole system is working right @ this current time, *NEWS flash life is not fair, Just because the united states of america owes billions to other countrys, doe sthat mean ur saying our government has no right to complain about anything!? If buisness's granted the card/loan, than they know any & all results before hand, approved they GAVE me the card. I didnt not pull a gun out and demand for that plastic card ( Not paying, is not the same as steeling. If collectors would call "To just ask ask for there money, it wouldnt leave us in our boat we are in. I got all kinds of recordings if you dont beleive me hoe sum colllectors talk to there customers. First of all i hope someday u will see that hurting ppl, & pulling them down farther will only set u back farther by saying what u have on this site. This is not ur job ur job is to HELP us customers figure a plan thats works for both partys.
2nd of all i paid electronic payment and "oopppsss" they just so happend to loose all my information and never gave me a reponse, so I assume u just pay the bill & trust that computers & humans dont make kistakes. I pray that a mother that just lost there child dont here you on here talken like that, you dont know ever persons personal affairs so STOP pretending you know it all, please.
PSS: I do owe money and I DO have the right to stop criminal activities --- Not complain ''but even then irts still my right as an America, , Alot of ppl died for me to have these rights.
Any one want to commment or talk more about these sorta issues please e- mail me at ---------- cassy_and_brandon22@yahoo.com i could use advise & give some as well. Thnks xo

I am pretty sure that the buy who commented above me is a pathetic loser because he himself defaults bills. i don't know why you guys complaint so much... first of all you guys don't pay your bills and then when someone comes asking for their money you feel you are violated... how is that fair... why don't you guys pay your bills to avoid this to begin with... i understand there may be tough times, but if you owe something you don't have the right to complaint about anything... owing money to someone and stealing money is both the
A  5th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Much is to be said about a previous employee of First Source Advantage publicly expressing his agreement and disapproval of the treatment we 'non-paying debtors' receive from the Mumbia folk(s). I just recently began receiving calls from a representative stating to go by Mr. Pate [...no first name I guess...or wouldn't dare give it to me...]. These BACK TO BACK calls were not only made over and over to my office and cell phone, but also to my parent's home phone and my mother's cell-the latter two having never been provided or listed on any of any account ever listed in my name.
The harassment is at the least embarrassing, unnecessary, stressful and inappropriate-much more it is illegal and in violation of a myriad of federal and state laws, statutes, regulations...and punishable in a court of law. I am just finishing my second year of law school and have spent many hours researching consumer law and protection of consumers from aggressive collectors, unfair practices, consumer rights and remedies and the sources of law which do protect us. However, according to Pate, the rep from First Source Advantage, I-as the debtor who 'refuses to pay my bills'-am the one who should use caution in communicating with him...he and his company/agents...will not be reprimanded in a court of law, it will me because I am unable to afford the payments currently-even though AmEx has cashed every single check sent for my account, each month without fail, for the past 8 months-way before the 'charge off' date shown on credit report.
This is where I get confused... please respond with HELPFUL AND CONSIDERATE RESPONSES-NOT JACK ### REMARKS ABOUT NON-PAYMENT AND REFUSALS TO PAY...please help with the following:

1. If payments are made, in good faith and on time each month, directly to American Express as opposed to FSA, LLC or another agency, do I then become doubly liable to both?
a. If not, and payments need to be sent to one over the other, how will such credits to my balance be made-is this something I need to handle?

2. I understand the statute of limitations and requirements for its effect; however, what is the average time frame before a law suit is filed, by Am Ex and/or the agency or debt collector ...of the week, after a charge off/transfer of an account? I am in constant fear that this will happen and I will be served and sued over a credit card debt..even though i am paying what I can each month.

3. Are there any known class actions against this First Source Advantage, LLC or sister and affiliates?
- In addition to studying as a law student, I work as a legal secretary doing primarily bankruptcy work. It seems that the point I find myself at now is several steps before the bankruptcy prep stage...needless to say, there are a multitude of research materials, public records information, and other resources at my disposal; I just don't know where to begin. However, it is my opinion that their practices are unethical and illegal and most definitely worth looking into. I am down to sue the butt-munches any day...as the calls and non-direct threats, harassing' and distressing phone calls, threats of 'further action' or 'account update for refusal to cooperate or pay' and the representatives' deceitful and condescending statements concerning non-existent written correspondence to my family and I must end immediately.
I will now proceed to file a complaint for such practices. please share your thoughts about the concerns above, they will be much appreciated.
N  5th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Now.now...idiot from collections...the real issue at hand is the inhumane and illegal treatment of we debtors by the employees of First Source Advantage, LLC and other collection agents or companies...employees who just so happen to be located across the ocean in Mumbia, India...and who also tend to ramble on endlessly making it improbable that he/she ever hear what an individual debtor/consumer's financial situation may be.

Oh yeah...these same employees are very well known to engage in activities which are: in direct violation of Federal and state law-and punishable under the same and must be held civilly liable for the illegalities they engage in and have committed.
Aside from them calling to the point that 'harassing calls' seem like the 'good ole' days', First Source Advantage, LLC appears to encourage employees to practice overly aggressive communications, assertive and invasive demands for payment, repetitive-harassing- and daily phone calls (after requests to cease all communication...); but the company's employees and supervisors have threatened to pursue 'further action(s) against me...by releasing my account as noncollectable due to refusal to cooperate or pay' ...these were made during our FIRST conversation/contact ever.
Their violation of the laws of Fair Debt Collection Practices are not the only concern I have; certain Fair Credit Reporting issues; but also their constant illegal treatment of undeserving consumers to the point of inexcusable & daily disturbances and threats are intolerable and illegal.

I vote a class action. Soon.
N  15th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
i hope its obvious to everyone reading these comments that the responses to do with "pay your bills" are indians from india that can spell as well as they can speak. Really, when you read those responses put an indian accent in your head and they are a little easier to understand. I just tried to speak to Mr. Shake, nash sanghui, gary ahuja, shay shinde and yes, alex de la rosa, who no one can seem to find. i asked them to please tune into the NBC show based on call centers like thiers... i told them that i now understand how easy it is too come up with material for the show, just call 866-517-7458! humor me a little and call there and ask 2 simple questions, 1) where are you located? and 2)may i speak to your manager or supervisor? please insist that u want to know the location of whom you are spleaking with otherwise they are in buffalo or nyc. make sure when they transfer you to a "manager" that you ask the new person if he is a manager... have fun! by the way, if these idiots are calling your cell phone let them know that the law was passed that they cannot call a cell phone!! SHAME ON AMERICAN EXPRESS FOR USING SUCH A COMPANY!

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