First National Bank / uncleared cheque that has taken more than 14 days

United States

On the 2nd of March 2010 a cheque deposit was made into my account from Swaziland and I was told it would be cleared in 7 working days after I had spoken to an agent from the call centre. After the 7 working days I called again and was told it would be cleared after the 15th of March and on the 17 the cheque was still not cleared, I called the call centre again and was told to wait 7 more days and I asked the agent to give me a definate date as this was becoming a bit problematic, I asked her how the 7 days was calculated was it 7 days after the cheque was deposited or 7 days from the day we spoke she said it was 7 days I asked her how she came about with the 7 days, she said the 7 days was a comment on the account and she had no knowledge of how they came about with that, I must just wait for 7 days or rather call my branch maybe they can help me, I called my Centurion branch and the phone rang for a longtime until somelady answered, I was asked to leave a message becasue all managers were busy they would call me back, the lady was just not keen on helping, to date Im still waiting for that call, left another message today with Pamela who also said I must wait for their call.


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