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I am so pissed a first choice power (last choice power now). Their rates are unpredictable and high so i switched companies. Of course fcp gets back at me by doubling the rate. If i used that much power it wouldn't be half as bad. I work all day, so the a/c doesn't run until the middle of the night. Just two of us living in the house with no kids. Laundry is done once a week and at night (not in the heat of the day). I am not going to take this, even if i have to complain to everyone i see.

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  • An
      May 12, 2009

    You know i have been with first choice power for almost four years now just because i hate always switching companies. This bill is the second one they have billed me for two service periods. I pay a bill over two hundred every month and only live in a small two bedroom apartment. Where in the hell do they see i havn and that i owe them another two hundred and fifty. During the hurricane i got a 700.00 bill. I had no electricity for a week how was it that high! Well i called to make a payment on one of the service periods and asked them to waive the 5.00 charge for paying over the phone and they wouldnt, are you serious im paying you 500.00 bucks and you can't waive 5.00. Also i have been paying like .192/kwh and asked them to change my rate three months ago and it has still not takin affect. I am the mother of two small children and having trouble with the way the economy is right now you would think they would care a little more about their customers i don't recommend them for anyone and as soon as i can i will be switiching companies!!!

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  • Ti
      Oct 23, 2009

    We had a call from first choice power to switch to their company with the assumption we would be saving money, We ended up getting our first months bill with a disconnection notice for two days later. The bill was over 400.00 which is 200.00 more then our normal bill during the dead of summer. We are on a fixed income and cannot afford this bill. We were told we do not even qualify for an extension or payment arrangement because we have not been with them 90 days. And they would send someone to reread the meter but we would be required to pay the bill until then. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

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