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My husband has been with First Choice Power for several years. We realize that with the expenses of everything increasing that our power bill would as well. Though when we receive our August bill, it was $440. That is a charge of .238 per kilowatt hour. Which is double the price that we paid last month and last year. I call the company and ask them why the increase? They tell me that since we are on a month to month basis the rates can increase by 35% every month if they wish to do so. They tell me that they sent us a letter 3 months back stating that rates would increase and that we should get "locked in on a fixed rate of .174 cents per kilowatt hour. "

Then I state "why does our bill say that the usage was an estimate of 1804 kilowatt hours", and she says that they sent out the bill before actually checking the meter. The meter was read and the kilowatt usage was in fact 1540. So I ask for the credit of $75.00 now because I cannot afford the bill received. She states that they cannot do that, that they will credit next months bill.

First of all I never received a letter stating the charges were going to double.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Aubrey, TX Second of all I checked with my mother who lives 10 minutes away in Sanger and has Coserve electric and she says that her charge per kilowatt hour the same month was .12 cents, and upon research realized that if we switched to Stream Electric the month to month charge would be at the most .15 per kilowatt hour. This is the same electric, coming from the same wires to your home, just a different provider.

Upon trying to figure out if it would be more beneficial to switch or just get in at a fixed rate with First Choice, I asked the customer service dept to go over the rates charged for the past 12 months, and the rates that they were going to charge for the next few months. They said that they cannot even tell me what the rates will be in October, therefore pretty much validating the fact that this company can charge whatever they feel like charging. I think that they realize people are afraid of other utility companies charging a deposit.

We switched to Stream Energy today, locked in for 6 months at less than .15 cents a kilowatt hour. I can tell you right now that our credit is far from perfect, and they did not require a deposit. Hopefully they are a more honest and dependable provider. I would tell everyone who feels as if they have been taken advantage of by First Choice Power to research their options. Not every company is raping their customers like this. Please be educated.

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  • Gg
      Sep 16, 2008

    Almost IDENTICAL issue. I'm actually online now looking for lawsuits against First Choice. Their reasoning makes zero sense, the customer service is a joke. They told me that they sent notice when they absolutely did not.

    I questioned why my charge went from .12 to .24/kwh and the response was that they had to buy power from month to month for me because they didn't know if I would be staying with them. Then I made the point that even their highest month to month plan online was .18... how can they justify charging me .06 over the highest plan...???!

    This is truly a moment where I feel royally scr*wed. Yes... a class action lawsuit is needed asap for First Choice Power. This company is slapping their customers with $450+ bills and doubling their charges overnight. It's obscene... DO NOT USE FIRST CHOICE POWER!!!

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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2008

    I am dealing with the same problem. The last two bills had doubled. I had been with First Choice for approx.2 years and payed the same rate during this time. The stated they mailed a letter which I did not recieve. I was wondering why they did not notify me on my monthly bill or my email they send me every month. I did notify the energy commision and they responded with a letter stating they will be conducting an investigation. I can't imagine what they are doing to the elderly and the single parents that cannot afford this. I immediately switched companies for a lower rate. I will be researching my legal rights thru the commission to see what I come up with.

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  • Ch
      Oct 01, 2008

    I agree with the others I got a bill for $453.00 and the next month the bill was 450.00 also I called they gave me that same made up story as the others it appears to me that the PUC should be able to do something about this, there is no way my bill should be that much I am not even at home during the day, everyone should be more selective about who they choose

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  • Pa
      Dec 02, 2008

    We are in a night mare with First Choice Power. We have gone round and round. And It just get's worse. I hope they were recording me today when I told them they were nothing but a scam company and I can read my bill just fine! I told customer service to get me management unless she likes dealing with all this. They honestly think people can't read the bill and see the scamming going on! We had even a red bill and they disconnected us. Ten days later we get another one with a new amount saying they are gona disconnect us, $300 and something. Yes the Bill was paid! And we have a new white bill with that one saying we own an amount of $400 plus, and yes this is after the $300 plus amount threating to disconnect. It is a Night mare. I hope their is a lawer out their who isn't afraid to take on this Power Company! I want to know them!!! If any thing it has come to where this company owes us money not the other way around. We are in Texas!!!

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