Film Lush / don't fall for it, it's a major scam

United States

I am one of the fools that got fooled by this website and made these ### a few hundred dollars richer.

I called their toll free number, to cancel the membership.
I chose to speak to a representative, the line got disconnected.
I chose to cancel my account, i had to listen to the annoying recording of a robot sounding $#*! announcing that no refunds are processed not for past usage, paid fees, or even for the current billing cycle and that i have access to their films until the end of the cycle.

Have I mentioned I haven't watched a single movie on their website, not even during the trial period?? I had to suddenly move to another country for a job oportunity and totally forgot i had signed up. this was at least 6 mths ago.

their charges vary between 36$ and 55$ a month!!

1- It is painful to listen to the recording I know, but BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE MENU OPTIONS CAREFULLY.
2- they will ask you to enter your CREDIT CARD NUMBER.
3- the $#*! in the recording will repeat the numbers and ask you to confirm by pressing the #.
4- then ask you if you want to cancel, press 1 if yes press 2 if no.
5- when you press 1 she will ask you again are you sure you want to cancel your account? DO NOT PRESS 1!! Cuz OPTION 1 is NO this time and 2 is YES.

they will also try to upsell you a promotional offer for 2.99$/months! OMFG STAB ME IN THE HEART!!! I paid over 300$ without even knowing!!!

Don't fall for it, STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!! It's a MAJOR SCAM!


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