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Fidelity National Home Warranty / He reasons people hate insurance

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I have been a "customer" for Fidelity for about a year. It came with my house that I purchased. I first called them to inquire about the service and was told all these great things about the coverage. When it came time to call them for service, they had no problem sending out some random guy from a never heard of company and taking my 50.00 deposit. But it was clear that nothing was ever covered. We wanted a leak inspection, they sent a plumber who had no equipment whatsoever and he said that he was sent since he needs to be sent first before a leak detection company was sent. When my pipes were not working, they sent someone only to tell us he could not do anything since Fidelity did not cover services that required going on the roof.

I have other examples, but the worst part about their company is the absolute rudeness and arrogance of the staff. As soon as you get on the phone to discuss why something was not covered, there is this tone of superiority that I cannot even describe. They speak to you as though they are a service technician expert and a contract attorney paid to argue against you, when in reality, they have no idea what they are talking about. They try to speak in technical terms when really they have no training in that field...only training in sounding like they know what they are talking about.

It came to a point in the conversation where I asked, "Well, are you a plumber? Do you have any training in plumbing? Have you ever worked with a plumber? Have you read any books on plumbing?"

I am an attorney and work with hostile people all day. I have been in situations where people were going to prison for 30 years and they had a better disposition than this company. Fidelity Warranty staff is the most hostile, impolite, and arrogant staff I have ever come across in my entire life, both professionally and personally.

They tell you about all this great coverage, but the second you try and get something, it seems that their sole job, their sole reason for picking up the phone, is to tell you why you are not covered.

Bottom Line: The actual problems they cover are small and would be cheaper to fix yourself than to pay $50.00; They send people from non-reputable companies who have little interest in helping you; Their staff is arrogant and hostile. Contract at your own risk!

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  • Ca
      12th of May, 2008
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    DO NOT PURCHASE WITH FIDELITY. They never sent me my contract. They denied my claims. They were rude. I do not want to blather on, but this person is right- DO NOT go with Fidelity!

  • Ca
      12th of May, 2008
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  • Ra
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    WOW - this is amazing. I am in escrow now in Southern California, my realtor suggested American Home Shield (AHS) for my coverage plan. I went to and there is LITERALLY 253 PAGES of complaints about (AHS). I am not finding quite as many, yet, for Fidelity; but what I am finding are the exact same details of reports as the others. Again, WOW, is there anybody holding these people liable??? How does one ever know upfront who will be honest and trustworthy??? Perhaps only in Utopia!!!

  • Do
      16th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Fidelity national Home warranty takes your money and sends you contractors that do not have a clue in thier trade. Do not give them a copay until after the work is done. Once the contractor gets the copay Fidelity will not authorise the work and you lose your $50

  • Te
      11th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    DO NOT RENEW WITH FIDELITY. They use all kind of excusesjust to deny the claim. It is like that they have a deal with the technician company they sent out. The technician will make sure that they wrtie a report to describe the problem you are having that will not be covered by the warranty terms. They have the system down.

  • Fi
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    Fidelity Home Warranty Company - misrepresinting
    Fidelty warrenty company
    United States

    I purchased a car from Kelly automotive group with 5 year car guarentee in nov 2005. I paid 2200.00 for the guarantee In july of 2009 it needed trany work done. When the dealer called for work appraval they were told the contract had expired in January of 2008 seems in the small print if the car had over 6000 miles on it when sold the contract starts on january of manufacture date. I paid for a five year contract and received a 2 year. I will bite the bullet but wanted other people to BEWARE or AVOID this company

  • Ck
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    My 2nd year with Fidelity, they sent out a foreignRussian jive inept person who barely got a motor installed in the dishwasher, but he fouled up the electronics, so it doesn't work well at all now. Will just replace it soon, buying another one myself and feel I was lucky he didn't wreck the dishwasher entirely. Complaint to Fidelity didn't do anything, they go by what their "technician" (the Russian) says.

    For my 14-year old garage door that hasn't worked well, and threatens to lock me out, I I had to call them 3 times within a year, $50.00 a pop each time and they still couldn't fix the garage door altho' one contractor (a different contractor each time, low-lifes that looked like they just got out of prison!) said it needs to be replaced, it's 14 years old and doesn't work 1/2 the time. The 3rd one came today from some schlocko fly-by-night cheapie company from the next county 75 miles away, and the guy has no idea of how the thing works...but did tell Fidelity "it runs good, doesn't need to be replaced", some young lying person who was a phony, just telling Fidelity what they wanted to hear to save his job.

    I'm a senior woman, in business for myself for decades, and you can tell they hire these slime-ball companies who seem to tell them what they what to hear, don't fix the problem (or never fix it right, further wrecking your item) and then tell you wonderful things to try to get you to "renew the contract", a contract that isn't worth the paper it's written on. NEVER GO WITH FIDELITY, and I've heard from realtors, AHS is just as bad.

    If you let realtors and escrow companies know what crooks they are, that's the meat of their business, everyone can stop these phony crooked home warranty companies. STOP any warranty being written into ALL escrow deals, instead make it a certain amount of "fix-it" money...don't feed the hungry shark out to feed on you, called "Fidelity Home Warranty"...they're rude on the telephone, ugly people, snide crooks who love to take your money and run.

    They're all a bunch of CROOKS, it's better that you find someone you can trust yourself. I've spent more on co-pays for this garage door to be fixed, more than what it costs to get a NEW garage door opener, which I'm finally getting a friend to install brand new for $150.00.

    And file complaints with BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Attorney General in your state. This company should be STOPPED. I even posted on my website about them being crooks. If everyone does this, soon all of the USA will know and the sooner they're out of business, the less money others's like feeding a hungry shark. Don't do it, don't keep criminals and ex-cons in business. Just dealing with them will make your blood boil.

  • Pc
      28th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Same here!

    I have used fidelity for the past few years here in Phoenix Arizona. Every year I go through the same thing, my a/c dies. I pay the copay, they come out and give me some bull about it, ...see you next year is basically what they are saying. Well this year, like clockwork, the ac went out..only this time the repair guy said it needs to be replaced. Apparently it has been leaking carbon monoxide into my house through a crack in the base of the unit. The crack is an old one, so they new about it last year and decided to basically endanger myself and my family by saying that it did not need to be replaced. Well after all this the repair guy comes back and tells me that some fees are not covered...? $1300 worth of fees. This ac company is Extreme Air in Phoenix AZ. I got fidelity on the phone and had a nice argument with Cory. Then the ac company called back and said they would do it for $900. I called Fidelity again they sent out a new guy, some toothless wonder heart that showed up in sandals and a tank top with the wrong size ladder. Well they quoted me $500 plus a $200 disposal fee. With no other alternative I agreed to it, but refused to pay the disposal fee. That fee is a scam, they make money on the scrap, and the Freon is reused or sold for profit. Don't pay it! The a/c died on Sunday, it is Friday and I still have no ac. They are dragging there feet while I sit in a 100 degree house. I have explained to the operator at both companies that I feel sick from this continuous heat, but they don't care..."I've done all that I can" is what they say, yet still no ac 5 days later and there is another extreme heat warning out again today...114 . Fidelity told me this morning that they ordered it...4days to order the unit? And now the ac company is taking there sweet time in picking it up and telling me maybe it might get installed tomorrow. I'm thinking about filing a claim against Fidelity for there negligence. I willing be cancelling Fidelity, never again will I deal with these crooks.
    If you live in Phoenix AZ don't use Extreme Air, the repair guys name was Tony...price gauging is there practice.

    good luck out there!

  • To
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    I think Fidelity needs a little defense, but let me say why. I am a subcontractor for Fidelity. I will not work for any other Home Warranty Company. Most of the Home Warranty companies treat the subcontractor as bad, if not worse than the customer. I do agree with that. Not only am I a subcontractor, but I am also a customer. All companies have their bad appled attitudes, and yes these folks need to be run off, and it's the companies responsibility to do just that. However, what most people fail to do is actually read and / or understand the term and conditions of their contracts. These contracts are not all inclusive. Know exactly what you are purchasing. See, I am out to make a buck. If I go out and your dishwasher is out of date, then I take care of you and of me. You get a new dishwasher and I get the markup for buying and installing. If I'm sent out on a leaky Water Heater - automatically it's the tank. You get a brand new one. I have exceptionally high marks with Fidelity (yes they do grade us) because I have happy customers therefor Fidelity has happy customers. The person you should be really ticked at is the idiot who does not get the game and hangs you out to dry. I do not know of any Home Warranty Company that isn't hated. They all have bad raps. But among the bad apples, Fidelity is one of the better (except in Southern California where they openly admit they have a Russian Subcontractor problem). And they are working on that. If you don't like Fidelity, try National Home Protection - you will be running back to Fidelity in no time.

  • Ca
      2nd of May, 2011
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    Fidelity home Warranty - Took 6 weeks to fix heat
    Fidelity Home Warranty
    United States

    I called Fidelity because I came home after Christmas and my heat wasn't working. They sent someone out to fix it, who came about 4 or 5 times over a month long period and kept replacing parts but the heater never worked. The thermostat inside my home was reading in the low 50s (in Arizona). Finally, I got on the phone with them and after refusing to deal with any of the first line people that answer the calls, I spoke to a supervisor, who told me that the problem was that they no longer make replacement parts for my heater so the company was guessing on alternate parts that might fit it. I told them if they correct part was no longer manufactured they had a responsibility to replace the entire unit. Ultimatley they agreed but this took another several weeks. By the time they got my heater working I had developed bronchitis (which I believe was caused by living without heat for so long.)

  • Dl
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    I don't know why it has taken me this long to realize that they are crooks. They are by far the rudest people I have ever dealt with. Every time I have had a problem they use an excuse as to why it is "not covered". I have to call to find out why I am not hearing from the technician again and Fidelity tells me my sump pump is not under the perimeter of the house. Like you said, They do not know what they are talking about. This sump pump is permanently built in right next to the house so you can gain access to it or you would not be able to fix it. Explaining this to them gets no results. I then tried to cancel my policy and I was told by Evelyn that I could not cancel my policy. I reported them to BBB and now I am reading all these complaints. I am selling my home and I will NOT allow the realtor to buy the new owners a home warranty with Fidelity. Sounds like I should warn them off of AHS as well. This is ridiculous. They are paid for a service I do not receive ever!! I think I am going to be that thorn in Fidelity's side. I am not giving up here. Thanks for all of your submittals.

  • 7h
      9th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    You just want to think people are honest..

    Buyer beware, do your research and don't get suckered by empty promises!

    Fidelity National Home Warranty "Acts In Bad Faith" Go with another Service Provider

  • Jo
      16th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I would like to know - why are some people highly recommendable to a company and other people are so miserable and full of complaints with their choice with the same company... maybe it's the way a person looks at the glass - 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. Don't let stress mess with your spirit - keep cool people. You know the old saying - "He without sin cast the first stone!" - businesses know that service is the #1 provider for continual business. If this company or any other company treat their customers as bad as you say they do - they will have to shut their doors soon - for good! I think understanding that things do happen and the best way to resolve an issue is to work together. Crazy emotional behavior only puts mud on the face of the one who's complainting. Reps who answer the phone are "customer service" reps, they are not the owners - however, they do have the power to help you!!! My opinion! John Hitchler / Real Estate Agent / Las Vegas NV

  • Co
      5th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes
    Fidelity National Home Warranty - RIP OFF
    Fidelity National Home Warranty
    Las Vegas
    United States

    This company is the biggest con artist company I have ever dealt with. Everything is either "Not covered" or " Pre Existing" They send some yahoo out who has no clue what he is even doing, gives a wrong and over exaggerated diagnosis. Then "Fidelity" the company refuse to fix it because it is not covered. My shower pan is leaking, guess what it is not covered either, apparently the cover NOTHING. This is a RIP OFF COMAPNY!!! Stay away, if i could get enough people together, we should take a stand!!

  • Ki
      23rd of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    I will get together with you and share notes. This company is criminal and needs to be stopped. I want a refund and to be done with this rip off company.

  • No
      24th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is soooo true!!! They do not fix anything!!! It's either a preexisting problem, or it's not covered under our policy!! What the hell do you have a home warranty for anyway??? There is always some sort of reason, stipulation, or they want to replace your product with the cheapest thing on the market. Don't even think about getting the same replacement parts, they don't cover it!!!

  • Bi
      19th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    oven unrepairable.

    FHW told me they can send a new one and have a team install it. if they have to do anything extra-its an extra(unknown) cost. (they have to do something extra-replacement oven is 6" taller and would eliminate either a cupboard or a drawer-unnaceptable!)

    oven part number they gave me is $1300 wholesale-dealer cost(friend owns appliance store) friend charges $250 for a easy R/R swap. more is extra.

    my option/cashback if I want to find one on my own.
    wait for it;
    nope-not missing any commas or zeros.

    not even close.
    they told me its their cost-they get them cheap.

    am considering my options.

  • Ho
      3rd of Sep, 2018
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    Fidelity National Home Warranty / Fidelity National Financial - Rude and offensive client services
    United States

    I have a massive leak created by one of the plumbers called to fix a clogged sink. The water had to be shut off at the road because it is pouring out of my cabinet. They can't seem to get a plumber back out to my house to fix the problem they created. I have waited for over 1 week! When I call they hang up! Unbelievable!

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