Fidelity Investmentstax fraud

A long-ago employer of mine had some type of investment account with Fidelity, in my name. I found out about this many years later, and asked Fidelity for a distribution. Fidelity said they would be glad to send a distribution, but only to an address I no longer lived at. This may seem absurd, but they made it clear that they would only turn over the money by mailing it to an invalid address. So I gave up.

In 2007, Fidelity closed the account without warning, mailed a distribution check to me, and sent a 1099-R notice to the IRS as well. The check went to the wrong address, of course, and Fidelity says it was never cashed. I found out when the IRS contacted me demanding payment of taxes.

Fidelity still refuses to turn over the money. I asked Fidelity to at least correct their 1099-R filing, and they refused to do that as well. They refused to provide any written documentation to me or anyone else. The IRS says that I don't have to pay anything if I just get Fidelity to acknowledge the error in writing, but Fidelity refuses to.

It's one thing that Fidelity owes me money and won't pay; what's disturbing, however, is that they willfully violated federal law. I'm pursuing legal action.

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