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Fidelity Investments,
Three weeks ago, I opened an account with you. Today, November 14th, I tried logging in, only to find that it had been locked. Okay, no big deal, so I call and I get to talk to some friendly representatives, which I do appreciate, however, the woman I was talking to told me that the reason they locked my account was because my "voice was too high pitched to be a man". Not only did you lock my account for that period of time, but you also assumed that, because I have a high voice, that I am a female and in no way, a male. I understand that you probably did not mean this in a negative way, however, what I had experienced today was highly inappropriate, as well as disrespectful and insulting. I am not here looking for something in return for what happened, only to make sure this does not happen again to myself, or anyone else. There was not an apology for the misunderstanding, or anything like that. I would appreciate it if the matter was addressed with employees to prevent future complaints from your customers.
Thank you,
Dylan Landanger

Nov 14, 2017

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